How Birth Control can Protect You from Depression

For women, it really becomes tuff to handle life when they get children. With the growing age indeed it marks a great difference to manage lifestyle when you are still into menstruation. These hormonal changes in the body impact the mind to depression at times. When women feel themselves at a great height of the depression, and then often are advised to have birth control pills which would stably handle their depression during periods of hormonal fluctuations.

These are notably during that of pregnancy, childbirth and even at the end of the childbearing years. With research studies, it has been found that women throughout their lifetime are more exposed to estrogen. This is going to help them set themselves protected from an increased risk during and after menopause.

When the hormonal level does impacts women body?

It is quite noted that women get a high level of hormonal impact in their body close time during their menopause. This is because of the fertilization cycle going to stop inside their ovaries would result in great hormonal changes in their body. The women are generally recommended to have oral contraceptives. But in reality, women stay on birth control pills for a much longer time because under analysis it is found that it might underestimate the pills protective power against depression later in the life. Among 100 women, around 65 are under the depression in their later part of life. The reason might be hormonal changes which are at its height during the menopausal time. Even it is marked that women taking these birth control pills might suffer from side effects such as:

  • gain weight
  • cystic acne
  • moodiness or anxiety
  • tenderness in the breast

They even might get it difficult to conceive later.

What are birth control pills?

These are generally the hormones which make their impact visualized very fast and in a perfect way. These are hormones like estrogens and progesterone. They are associated with controlling the hormonal secretions without any kind of side effects visualized sooner but later.

Some of them are the chemical hormones which mimic the effects of estrogen and progesterone. They are the ones to prevent pregnancy by stopping ovulation. The ovulation is believed to occur with the ovaries releasing the eggs every month. This can lead to pregnancy when the egg is getting a chance to get fertilized by the sperm.

Why avoid them every time

Taking them regularly is prohibited. But the reason women take it is to stay away from depression. But this might not be a reason because the excess intake of these pills would lead to symptoms of elevated pre-menopausal symptoms. There occurs painful cramping or even irregular periods. Even taking this can lead to release of compound up the existing hormonal problems by making the situations worse.


Though these birth control pills are going to help with stress relief. Still, they are associated with some kind of extreme side effects in the later age. For the reason, it is preferable to avoid more of these birth control pills every time when you are feeling depressed.

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