Bittergourd ( Karela ) is a vegetable or medicine?Try to know well about it.

Bittergourd ( Karela ) is a vegetable or medicine?Try to know well about it.

Bittergourd is generally referred as diabetic friendly vegetable,since it lowers the blood sugar and helps in maintain of it. Bittergourd is an edible gourd that grows in Asia, Africa and Caribbean region.It helps to maintain healthy liver,build up the immune system,free from acne problems,aids in good digestion,prevents the respiratory problems,decreases the level of bad cholesterol and increases the good cholesterol.This bittergourd is commonly meant with so many names like Bittermelon,bitter squash,balsam pear and Karela.

Bittermelon  a natures gift to improve human health 

Good for blood purification even we can prevent the degenerative disease like cancer by regular consumption of it,daily usage of it helps to prevent from skin problems.

Bittergourd is excellent source of dietary fibre,vitamin A,vitamin C,folate,magnesium,potassium,zinc,manganese . It is also good source of vitamin B-6,pantothenic acid,phosphorus,thiamin and riboflavin.

Bittergourd can be taken by all age groups,but it is better to avoid by lactating mothers alone, other than this bittergourd is not only diabetic friendly vegetable but also user friendly vegetable too with all its medicinal values and benefits.

Method of including bittergourd in diet

The ways to incorporate this vegetable is by slightly frying,steam cooking,boiling & roasting it.

It can also be used in pickle form,juice form,curry form or as stuffed ones.The bitterness in this vegetable only doing all these magical work in human body and providing medicinal benefits.

The bitterness of the bittergourd can be reduced by blanching it in boiled water for 2-3 minutes also by putting them in salt water and allow to rest for 10 minutes before cooking.

Drinking one glass of bittergourd juice daily helps to cure liver disorders.The longevity of Okinawa islanders are as simple since they used to consume bitterbourd in their daily diet without missing.So get benefitted out of this amazing bittergourd just by incorporating it in diet and stay healthy and live longer.

It stimulates the insulin production and digestive secretion,It helps in removal of intestinal worms.prevents the infection and blood purifier.It has very good antibacterial proteries and applying it on skin clears the skin problems .

Health tips of Bittergourd usage in brief

  • Helps in managing blood pressure
  • It stimulates the insulin production and aids in digestion
  • Helps in removal of intestinal tract worms
  • It acts as a natural blood purifier and prevents the body from infection
  • Very good antibacterial properties
  • When applying externally relieves the skin problems
  • Karela Juice helps to maintain blood sugar levels. prevents and treats chronic complication of diabetes mellitus.
  • Fresh bittergourd leaf juice is also an effective way in treating early stage of cholera
  • It is a powerful weapon against HIV/Aids

This amazing plant bittergourd even kills the cancer cells and reverse the effect of diabetes mellitus in human body.The leaf part of  bittermelon is used in wide range of treatments like dysentery,gout,rheumatism,viral disorders  and respiratory disorders, So never miss out this vegetable from your diet, at least weekly once or twice consumption of this vegetable gives amazing health benefits and also you can stay away from the doctor.

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