The Blooming Lawn Is Art Of Living?

Want to have a garden in your house? Of course, you can. No more thinking about it now, because you have all the things you need, just a step away. The only thing one has to do is to make use of the stuff. So we just have to watch out.

So here are some easy to follow tips which can help your garden bloom:

Have two dustbins in your kitchen:


Start it from today. Have one dustbin for the dry waste and one for the wet one. Throw all the vegetable waste, the fruit seeds, and all the other organic waste in the dustbin which has been marked with “wet waste”. And throw the other dry waste in the other dustbin. The wet waste can become the best manure for your garden. We have been throwing all this essential ingredients for our soil in waste. Throw this waste in your soil, and you garden will blossom again. 

Hanging Bottles:


Want to decorate your garden? The waste bottles in your home can lend you a hand in that case. Pick up all the waste bottles, cut them from the center and fill them with soil. You can make a hanging out of three or four bottles and use them in your garden. They look different and also add beauty to your garden.

Decorate it with painted stones:


Painted stones can add colors to your garden. Get some big stones or if you already have them, then paint them with colorful bright colors. Make different kind of patterns on them and place them all together in your garden. These decorative items will attract many butterflies and hence will make your garden more delightful. 

Use tires as pot holders:


You can place your pot in the middle of the tire and decorate these tires with paints or colorful ropes. Use different sizes of tires and place them in the corner of your garden. It looks amazing and also enhances the colors in your garden.

Sow your fruit seeds:


Yes, if you want a fruit tree in your garden then sow all your fruit seeds in the soil. It is not necessary that they will surely become a tree, but there are chances that they can. But these seeds will just more nutrients to the soil and also act as a fertilizer. So, instead of throwing them away, it is better to mix them with the soil and reap the health benefits of fruits.

A birdcage:


Yes, you can hang bird houses in trees and decorate them with flowers. But remember to hang them at a place here they are visible to birds. Lively and light colors attract birds makes your garden a happy place for them.

Light it up:


Put fairy lights in your garden or surround it with bulbs. Lighting up with lights makes your lawn beautiful and also will add a new dimension to your home. Light is said to be an essential element in your garden.

Try out these small and easy DIY’s. it is believed that people who have a beautiful lawn in their house can deal with depression and stress easily and also have more health benefits on both mind and body.


Sakshi Jain

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