Your body’s natural protectors!

Vitamins and minerals fall in the micro nutrients which plays a very important role in healing your body!
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Vitamins are divided into 2 type:-

1.Fat soluble vitamins

– Vitamin A

– Vitamin D

– Vitamin E

– Vitamin K

2.Water soluble vitamins

– Vitamin B complex

– Vitamin C

Here is the list of minerals:-













Lets quickly glance on the most common vitamins and minerals which plays majority of the role in maintaining good health!

Vitamin A- Fights against infection

Vitamin C- Fights against viruses and bacteria

Vitamin B6- Immunity boosters

Vitamin E- Prevents aging

Potassium- Reduces stroke risk

Iron- Helps in making blood cells!

How much of these micro nutrients do you need?

– As the name suggests, vitamins and minerals are needed in a very micro amounts.

– Our body needs them from diet.

– How much you need completely depends upon the RDA which is decided for Indians.

Here are the RDA tables for micro-nutrients as per Indian allowances :-

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Dr. Trishala Chopra

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