Boost your immune system with exercises!

  • This is no mystery; exercise can help you deal with lot of problems in your life!
  • Regular exercises can not only help you deal with serious health problems but it can also boost your immune system!
  • Even when you are ill; gentle, light exercise can make you feel better!
  • Exercise makes your body capable of resisting deadly infections.
  • When you exercise, brain releases pain blocking substances which is endorphins and enkephalins.
  • If you care for your body, nothing can stop you from doing that. Not even illness!
  • If you are having minor cough and cold, you must go for a walk or try out some stretching exercises or even deep breathing will do to promote your recovery. Don’t go for vigorous exercises as this might worsen the symptoms.
  • If you have some weakness, you can try doing some muscle stretching exercises to increase he blood circulation.

 Here are some tips to exercise safely!

  • Whichever exercise you choose, whichever exercise you go for you must follow these tips properly.
  • Do proper warm up before you go for any exercise.
  • Choose a proper pre workout and post workout food.
  • Wear proper clothing which has natural fibres in it.
  • You must always start your exercise slowly with a proper warm up and then build up your endurance every passing day.

These are few exercises which can help you boost your immune system!

Step 1: –

  • This step should be continued for about 2 minutes.
  • Shake your hands and legs.
  • Rotate your wrists, elbows and shoulders.
  • After both the hands, do the same with your legs and hip too.

Step 2: –

  • After step 1, raise your hands to shoulder level and rotate it clockwise for 15 times.
  • After clockwise do the same anticlockwise.

Step 3: –

  • Now it’s your head turn.
  • Keep it lose and make half circles with your head moving forward from side to side.
  • Be careful while doing this. Do not force your head to go backwards. If you do so, it might injure your vertebrae. Be careful.

Step 4: –

  • Come back to your legs.
  • Take a big step forward and then bend the knee forward. You will feel some stretch on your calf muscles. Hold yourself in the same position for few seconds.
  • Repeat the same with your other leg for at least 10 counts.

Step 5: –

  • After doing step 4, now put your weight on the back foot.
  • Straighten your front leg and bend your knee backwards flexing your foot.
  • Hold yourself in the same position for few seconds
  • Repeat the same with your other leg for at least 10 counts.

Step 6: –

  • Stand on one leg and then bend the other leg in such a way that your bend knees touch your buttocks. Hold yourself there for few seconds.
  • Repeat the same with your other leg and hold yourself

Step 7: –

  • After doing all the above steps, it’s time to stretch your arms now.
  • Bend your arm across your chest resting on your wrist on the opposite shoulder.
  • Hold yourself in this position for few seconds and repeat the same with your other arm.

Step 8: –

  • We are towards the end of exercises so now after all these stretches, clasp your hand behind your back and then raise your arms high as much as you can be keeping your back straight. Hold in this position for about 10 counts.

Step 9: –

  • This is the last step of the stretching exercise where you need to keep your legs straight in front of you. Lean forward and try holding your ankle or toes. Breathing matters a lot during these exercises. If you do not breathe properly, you cannot make the most out of it!

 Get more information about benefits of fitness and exercise

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