Boosting BRAIN Performance by doing SHORT TERM EXERCISE

A workout done for a minimum duration of ten minutes has temporary benefits of brain power boost up, the single bout of workout for a period of just twenty minutes can enhance your brains activity, thereby helps in improved brain functioning. Anaerobic exercise when done for 10 minutes itself has the power to improve the focus level and provide good problem-solving skills. These kinds of exercises remain as the best antidepressants. It has the power to improve mood and self-esteem. Fifteen repetitions of strength training exercise on several muscles for half an hour period when done for twice a week builds resistance in the body, a brisk walk done person can feel the immediate benefit after performing it. Yes, it’s absolutely true, exercise when it comes at least you focus for a brisk walk for short period, and then you will feel the difference in your overall health improvement.


In a study it was found that ten minutes of working out on a stationary bike improves the decision making the power of an individual, thus increases the power to execute the task properly. The cognitive power is enhanced. Before going to an interview or attending an examination, perform few exercises, this can enhance the cognitive performance. Physical exercise provides you numerous benefits, it enhances the health of neurons and thus the neurological activity of the person is totally enhanced.

The academic performance of students is increased by doing this short-term exercises. In old age people, these short-term exercises can preserve the cognitive power and thus preventing the occurrence of neurological disorders in them. The neuro-psychological function of a person is enhanced by doing cycling, swimming, jogging, brisk walk and running. These exercises have the power to promote positive effect on mood while suppressing the negative effects.


Central nervous system diseases are prevented while you regularly do short term exercises. Thus very severe depression cases need a short-term exercise therapy. Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease have good beneficial effect after performing this short-term exercises. Even drug addiction can be treated well by following this exercise regimen properly without fail.  The grey matter volume is enhanced in the brain after doing short-term exercise. The cerebral blood flow is enhanced by doing this workout, thus resulting in neurogenesis of brain.  The memory impairment is prevented or delayed on performing these workouts.

Those persons who are following sedentary lifestyles’ have their risk of developing impairment in memory power easily.  Particularly verbal fluency, cognitive power, attention, memory power, decision making and problem-solving skills are enhanced in an individual who does this kind of exercise regimen.


The neurological health of the person is interconnected with good short-term workouts.  To build muscles how we need a gym support, likewise to build brain connections you need to perform brain fitness program. Exercise increases the blood flow to the brain, in a research study it was found that short-term exercises help in developing new neural connections. Runners have a good antidepressant effect on doing this kind of workout stuff. When something is said to be good for the heart health is highly recommended for brain functioning. When your brain cells are damaged these exercise acts as a first aid kit and protecting the brain from damage.

When a complex situation arises, this short-term exercise helps to keep you energized and gives you the power to withstand, thus cope up well with the mental stress and strains. Your brain’s activity is spiked up on performing workouts early in the morning times. In gym choose for a circuit program.


Billions of nerves are found in our human brain, the brain is interconnected with other all parts of our body. We need to keep it younger and active in condition, thereby to maintain the overall health of our human body. The neurons are responsible for our thoughts, memories, dreams, and experiences. Our human brain can handle several tasks at the same time. Your good attitude and lifestyle pattern are compulsorily an important factor in maintaining your brain’s health. To attain this healthier brain you can engage in some physical activities, social activities and finally keep yourself mentally challenging. Smiling is highly essential to keep your brain cells younger and healthier. Alzheimer’s disease can be slowed down by doing physical exercises routinely.

Dementia in an individual can be prevented from doing proper exercises. You can make your brain to function properly and healthily on performing this short-term exercises. If you want to get energized, increase your lifespan and to make you feel refreshed throughout the day, then keep engaged in physical activity. Your endurance level is boosted by performing short-term exercises.


Your creativity level is increased after doing workout; also the risk for depression is prevented on regular exercisers. Long-term memory power is attained after doing weightlifting for just twenty minutes of time. 75 minute in a week of vigorous exercise can keep your brain function properly. If you’re really bored of doing the same pattern of workout, just give a try in a variation of workout, I am sure you will love your exercise and get the benefits from it.

I hope the above-shared information will be informative and useful to every one of us, thanks for taking time to readout my article. If you really like my article, then kindly share it with your friends and family members. Thanks for spending you’re time to readout my article. Exercise, it is not only done to stay healthy alone, but it is an opportunity to change your quality of life. I hope we all would get a good quality of life through performing these marvelous short-term exercises.

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