The ‘To Be Brides’ Out There, Some Tips For Your Wedding Bliss

This is for all the ‘To be Brides’, your nervousness and excitement must be at peak. A single pimple or a mark on your face at this very moment becomes your biggest enemy. Your beauty, health and figure become the most treasured things at this very moment.

So here are some easy to follow glowing tips which you can follow at your home yourself before your wedding to give you that desired sparkle on you face.

Potato juice can give you that glow-

Yes, those potatoes at your home can wonders instead of just fattening you up. You can apply the potato’s liquid on your face for just fifteen to twenty minutes and it will remove sun tan with home made remedies from your face. Repeat this process for a week or two and it will be miraculous.

Milk is just not used for drinking-

Try applying milk on your face, neck, elbows with cotton. Do not brush it so hard, the effect will be seen in just few days. You can see your face all glowing and shining. The face becomes clearer, which will surely help you look beautiful on your big day.

Aloe Vera, the father of all beauty products-

Aloe Vera is the most beneficial plant when it comes to health and beauty. You can apply the gel of this plant directly on your face. Aloe Vera also can be applied on pimples and marks on the face. Aloe Vera can also be used for drinking purposes. Weight management tips help you to stays fit and healthy and also improves your immune system. So Brides Aloe Vera gel is a must-must in your house.

Lemon with glycerin will spark it up too-

Put on some lemon-glycerin mixture on your face. Remember to protect your under eye portion and also not to apply lemon on your face for too long as it will give you some itching on face. This blend will give your face extreme freshness and will also help remove the blackness from your neck and elbows and other parts.

Baking powder, the last resort-

If you have got acne or a pimple just before your wedding night, that there is a cure for that too. Put some baking powder on your pimple twice or thrice, it will surely get better the next day. So baking powder actually can prevent your wedding photographs from getting spoiled.

Have a haldi session, once before your wedding too-

Yes, do not wait for your haldi session to get that radiant skin. Turmeric powder gives your skin a new life. You can mix it with milk and then can apply on your face. It helps remove scares and also gives our skin a lightening tone.

Cucumber has an overnight magic-

Cut a slice of cucumber and apply it all over your face before going to bed, it will energize your skin the next day. Repeat this process for few days and you will get that livelier skin. Cucumber also helps keep your skin moisturized which will improve the overall appearance of your skin.

So, get up brides, say goodbye to all those parlor therapies, because your kitchen products can make you look naturally more beautiful than those artificial remedies on you wedding day.


Sakshi Jain

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