Brown rice and its health benefits

A while ago at all my social handles, I used to perceive posts about brown rice. As a health professional, I had quite some idea about brown rice but never actually tried it. Hence after experiencing such hype, I wanted to know more about brown rice and its health benefits. That’s why this article I am going to share all the thoughts about brown rice and how its implementation is going to change your life towards a better and healthy way.

What is brown rice?

Unlike the white rice brown rice is a healthier alternative. The difference lies in the processing methods. Generally, regarding brown rice, the side hull, as well as the bran, will be intact. The bran, as well as the side hull, is consist of protein, thiamine, calcium, magnesium, fiber, and potassium which provides the natural wholeness to the food grain. Hence particularly this grain is very much healthful regarding maintaining as well as losing weight. It also can be a healthful staple for those who are suffering from diabetes as this grain is low in glycemic index which particularly helps us to slow the insulin perks.

But why not white rice why only brown rice?

Well obviously, there will be a question raised asking while the white rice is much affordable and widely available, are there any scientific facts to support the fact? Well, all the benefits lying on the processing steps. Which most of us do not know that most of the vitamin and minerals are heat liable or the functionality will be destroyed if processed under high temperature. Hence regarding white rice thiamine loss occurs most of the time. Also, loss and denaturation of protein particles under exposure to high heat make the bioavailability of the nutrient more unyielding. Sometimes at the packaging material of white rice, it will be written that the grains are fortified with specific nutrients. Still, the grains are unable to reach the prescribed level of nutrients provided by the Food and Drug Administration.

Nutrients in brown rice:

Rich in fiber: Well due to the presence of bran and hull brown rice is rich in insoluble fibers. These naturally occurring fibers stimulate the bowel movement as well as cleans it every day. Not only stimulation these naturally occurring fibers help to remove the toxic substances which are the potential causes of cancer in the colon wall.

Considered a whole grain:

It is considered as a whole grain because it hasn’t undergone the processing steps which helps to remove the bran and hull layer. These layers are helpful regarding preventing the build-up of plaque in the arteries as well as increasing cholesterol levels. Thus, chances of lifestyle disorders are less also.

Low on the glycemic index:

Due to low glycemic index, it is perfect for people with diabetes. Studies showed that people who consume brown rice daily, are less susceptible to acquire other associated diseases comes with diabetes. Also, it helps to stabilize the blood sugar level.

Also, brown rice is rich in selenium, magnesium, vitamin B, etc. It is excellent regarding promoting weight loss too. Hence with such health benefits start eating brown rice today to build a better tomorrow.

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