Buddies for Life or Just a Glory Item?

What do people mean when say that they own a pet? Do they mean that they have a companion in their life other than humans or that they want to add another show piece to their house?

But why just care about your own pets? Why not protect the whole animal kingdom which cannot be adopted or are not lucky enough to become pets.

Some people adopt them just to add beauty to their house but just don’t keep them as a decoration item rather make them you family member.

A dog lying in an AC in a hot summer day or a dog locked in his cage outside the house. The dogs have a higher body temperature than humans. They tend to feel more heat and this can cause damage to their organs. When we own a pet they become our responsibility.

Their personal care, protection and hygiene are very important, but there are some things which are more important than these. Peep into the following points, it might help you know your pet a bit more:

Festivals are a big “no-no” for your pets-

Remember that your celebrations of festivals do not impact your pets. Loud sound of crackers or fire, animals are sacred of these. You might like to play ‘holi’ with them but that’s also a big no. They are allergic to colors. So yes we should treat them as family member but certain things are not meant for them

Don’t make them sleep with you-

It is important that your pets should have their own beds. You might want to make them sleep with you in your own bed but “no”. Pets have different kind of bugs in their body which might infect you. So general pet safety tips to all the pet owners make them sleep in their own bed.

Don’t serve them from your plate-

Pet’s intake of food is far different from us. That are not allowed the food that we eat but yes, animals are like children. They too want that thing which they are not allowed to. So, make it a practice that you don’t serve them your food from the very beginning.

Show them the love-

Pets are the only species in the world who will always reciprocate more love than the amount given to them. They are not meant to be kept as an ornament in the house locked in their cage; they too need freedom just like us. Set them free atleast in your own house. Putting a leash around their neck does not make them pets.

Serve them ice-

Yes, pets love ice. Try serving them one and they will surely pass their time playing with it.in summers, ice are a big favorite of your pets.

A bubble bath-

Let your pets have a picnic time once a month. Bring them a mini pool, and let them have a gala time. Your pets surely will enjoy this time and won’t be out before an hour. This will make them refresh and they will surely not run away from their any time in future if you make this more fun for them.

Pets want to feel loved and we have to offer them foods for healthy life. And only we can help them make so. So, do not bring them home just to add glory or to pass your time. They require much more than your time.


Sakshi Jain

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