Why you should buy Organic Fruits & Vegetables

The human body is made up of various cells and organs. Our body has its own mechanic. It produces nourishment, vitamin & minerals to itself from the food intake. Well, even though it mechanizes on its own, check the food once before buying. Check out the list and benefits of Organic Fruits & Vegetables?

You might be wondering twice what should be bought? Will it be organic? Is it safe? Here is the answer, that people have increased pesticides levels. Food is turning poisonous. It is worth making a decision what should be worth your money and what not.

Basically, the effects of these pesticides are seen on pregnant ladies, infants, and senior citizens too. The Environment Working Group is a nonprofit association working for the good health of people. Why is it necessary to worry about the use of pesticides because the effects get worse as time passes? The EWG states that” the use of pesticides is rising as all need fast money”.

According to the 2017’s health report produced by various Health Research Centre’s states that there are certain fruits & veggies you need to buy organic. There are a dozen or more that have the highest intensity to be infected by pesticides. The below list will suggest you what you should really buy organic or try producing at home:

1) Strawberries

2) Apples

3) Nectarines

4)  Spinach

5)  Tomatoes

6)  Pears

7)  Cherries

8)  Grapes

9)  Celery

Few more fruits:


It is known as a summer favorite fruit for all. So, you must look for organic when you go blueberries.

Cherry Tomatoes

If you want to buy cherry tomatoes, then you must choose organic. This fruit ranked 10th in the dirty product list. As per the survey, it carries 70 different pesticides!


In today’s market, about 90% of the corn that you discover is genetically-modified. In many cases, you may find it in the form of starches, oils and corn-based sweeteners in processed meals. Thus if you consider that the GMOs is important to you, then you must go organic.

Sometimes pesticides and fertilizers are not harmful. This is only when they are used in a correct and nominal proportion. Yet nowadays these things are used to earn money. Pesticides, fertilizers, and herbicides are all things that contaminate and spoil the groundwater. They ruin the soil and stop the erosion that is needed. It is always advisable to either grow or buy organic food.

It is observed that organic fruits and vegetable are evidently good for health. They contain more nutrition than non-organic food. Yet there is a possibility that survives with these foods. Organic farming does not make use antibiotics because of which antibiotic resistance is also low in the body.

There still prevails a List that can be bought safely as pesticide proportion is minimal:

1)  Sweet corn

2)  Avocados

3)  Pineapples

4)  Cabbage

5)  Honeydew Melon

6)  Frozen Sweet peas

7)  Mangoes

8)  Asparagus

9)  Papayas

Buy Organic life free and safe. Stay healthy! If you like our article, do not forget to comment below. You can also read more articles about fruits and vegetables ( Listen to your Mom add FRUITS to your daily diet, Bittergourd ( Karela ) is a vegetable or medicine?Try to know well about it ).

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