What is a C-Section birth?

C-section birth is also known as caesarean delivery; here there will be usage of surgery to deliver the baby, C-section births are must when the vaginal delivery makes the mother and baby at medical risk conditions. Based on the shape of the pelvis of mother, c-section births are carried on, that time there will be notification of previous history of caesarean deliveries to the mother. The entire C-section delivery procedure take place up to 45 minutes to one hour. These caesarean births are done for social and personal reasons too.

When compared from past years the babies born through C-section is doubled in entire worldwide. Caesarean births are generally a life saving of both child and mother. There is risk in caesarean births; there will be future complications at another baby delivery. There will be required of surgery at time of birth due to hypertensive disease, foetal distress and bleeding. There is a study which says that fifteen percentages of child births require surgery because of those complications. It is found that C- section births are double times higher in private facilities than the public facilities. The wealthiest women are more prone for C section births compared to poor women’s.  When the study was made globally it was found that the chance of doing caesarean child births are increased day by day, so normal delivery chances are lowered in number.

While in china C-section births are from 4 percentages to 62 percentages. While in India the C-section births are from 7- 49 percentage. The research study says that young physicians are now a day’s becoming many experts in doing C-section births, which loses their confidence to do vaginal birth or normal delivery.

The price of caesarean birth range from five thousand rupees in government hospital, while it is forty thousand to sixty thousand in private hospitals.

Thus there is increasing trend on C-section births; you can avoid the chances of doing C- section birth until and unless you get any serious medical issue. Caesarean delivery is actually a major surgery. Just like other surgeries there is a time to the body for getting healed after performing C-section births. After the delivery there is a need to stay of 4- 5 days in the hospital for good healing. There is a rest to be given to the body for full heal it can be from six weeks to 8 weeks time period.

Possible reasons for increase in caesarean or C-section births

  • Heavier mothers.
  • Older mothers.
  • Decrease in breech deliveries.
  • Decrease in VBACS.
  • Increased foetal monitoring.
  • Lowered understanding of the risks.
  • Increase on training for C- section births.
  • By choice they prefer to undergo C-section which is painless delivery way.
  • Increased induction of labour.
  • Evolutionary change.
  • Decrease in operative vaginal deliveries.
  • Increase in the usage of fertility care.
  • Due to other medical reasons.

These are the possible reasons for the rise on c-section delivery, also if you calculate the expense that is spent for C-section birth, it is high and actually it is an easy way to earn lots of money from a single patient, so hospital management take it to an advantage and undergo these type surgeries. Delivering a child must not be taken into business; it must be taken as a sign of humanity to perform the delivery procedures.

Do you know C-section births can give you side effects and provide complications in both mother and child? C- Section births are must when there any complications occur at time of delivery, in poorer regions also this type births should reach well, and that can save life. Knowing the need of it C-section births are to be done but we must not over do this.

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