How can you prevent acne at home through home remedies?

What is acne? How does it form?

Skin is the most sensitive organ on your body is exposed widely to each kind of environment and condition! When it comes to face care you are the most alert person and would try anything just to avoid acne. But do you know how acne arises? Acne is a widely spread skin diseases which more sensitive than your skin! It first comes as a pimple then turns into whiteheads then blackheads and finally comes out to acne. Acne arises mostly from oily skin.

This oil is generated from your oily skin glands which in turn connect to your follicles and creates a hair birth there. The oily liquid is also known as Sebum. If you have one you too have chances of raising it to you or you may be the one suffering from it. Maybe that is why you are here for a perfect solution! Which yes we provide!

Let’s understand what are the causes of acne?

As by now, you know that acne appears only if you have an oily skin or sebum is generated on a high note under your skin glands. But research has also found out that acne is produced also due to rising in hormone androgen. This androgen in your adolescence period turns into estrogen levels. The various causes are like medications with this hormone channelizing enzymes, other hormonal changes due to age factor and stress levels, menstruation issues in women and sometimes high use of greased cosmetics.

Various acne forms that bump on your face?

The various levels of the bumps are:

  • Blackheads: Dark bumps
  • Whiteheads: White Bumps
  • Pustules: Yellow and White
  • Nodules: Soft Pimples turned hard
  • Papules: Red poky sensitive and painful pimples
  • Cyst: Inflamed which turn into an acne

 Home remedies

  •  Get good sleep and drink a lot of water

Sleeping habits should be scheduled well as well as you must indulge habit of drinking more and more water because of which your blood is clean and that there is oxygen in your skin! Oxygen when present in skin prevents this type of formation.

  • Ice, It works well

Make use of ice as ice naturally pushes the bump back into your skin and makes it soft providing oxygen to your skin.

Procedure to use ice for your acne bump: Wrap the ice in a handkerchief and press at the bump that has come out. Then hold until the area is numb due to ice. Continue this process thrice a day and see effects!

  • Try lemon juice on Acne

Lemon is said to be highly present with acidic substance in it.

Procedure to use lemon juice on acne: Take a cotton ball dip it in the lemon juice and clean the area where acne is present before sleeping!

  • Take proper steam and scrub your face well

Steam is the best remedy to clean your face because of which the skin pores open and skin health also improves. Scrubbing improves your skin after you have given it proper steam helps your skin to react well.

Procedure to steam & scrub: Boil water and cover your face with a big cloth and take steam for almost 20 minutes from all sides. Later scrub your face with best scrubbers and then clean your face you will have a clean face which is soft and smooth both!

  • Massage your face with oil daily

Massage re-energizes your face and keeps your face shiny and glowing all day long! Face massage oils of almonds, olives etc. should be used to massage your face.

Procedure to massage face: massage your face with face massaging oil properly in all your directions. Focus more near your eyes and nasal area to have a smooth skin in that part as acne gets created more of that side only.

  •  Use the moisturizer after a bath

After bath see to it that you keep your skin glowing and soft.

Procedure to use moisturizer: After bath use almond oil and sunflower seeds oils to keep your skin moisturized.

  • Use papaya on your acne

Papaya being natural pimples cleaner is good for skin and hair treatments. Many of the medicines contain papaya extracts! Papaya Keeps your skin delicate, smooth and glowing and makes it tight!

Procedure to use Papaya: Cut pieces of papaya and apply near the place you got that acne and rub tenderly. Practice twice in a day. Keep Papaya until it tightens your face and uplifts it.

  • Use Aloe Vera Gel on face

Aloe Vera works same like papaya.

Procedure to apply Aloe Vera: Follow same as Papaya and keep that gel for 15-25 minutes.


Take care of your face health and prevent acne so that you need not spend more on it and have a smooth skin! Do you want to read more articles related to face care, then click here best skin care tips for women.

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