Aging is a natural process which every one of us has to undergo it on their life time, but this face yoga can reverse the aging signs, it is an alternative remedy to keep your young looks on face. The toning up of facial muscles happens at face yoga technique. The blood circulation is enhanced on face thoroughly, so even circulation of blood on entire face is attained. Thus your complexion is maintained and glowingness to skin is attained and radiant complexion along with a younger look in face you will get finally, this is the result of this amazing therapy (face yoga). The aging signs on skin make it look translucent, pale in colour, very thinner, age spots, pigmentation, and lentigos on UV rays exposed regions. The elasticity of the skin is reduced on aging, the oil balance is not maintained in the skin of aged person, since sebaceous gland may not secrete or imbalance in it may result in less oil secretion on skin.

The elastin fibres on skin is affected on exposure of skin to UV rays, thus elastin fibres are break down on skin, thereby causing skin to lose the elasticity and go sagging. Each and every year our skin may look different and turn into difference in texture, appearance and consistency. Why the actual shape of your face may get changed on aging. But are you want to know the secret remedy process to protect your skin from those aging signs and symptoms, come let’s have a clear look at this wonderful therapy and start practicing daily on our life to keep your skin look younger.

face yoga

Our face is made with 60 muscles in it, it too needs toning like how our body requires it, and the positive aspect of this face yoga is everyone can do it, that too on any wherelse.  Breathing is highly considered as an essential one on this method. In this face yoga method the remaining carbon-dioxides are completely exhaled, thus giving a complete cleanse to our lungs.  After cleaning up those carbon-dioxides, our lungs can be fully accumulated with fresh oxygenated air alone, thus making a healthy respiration.

Methodology of face yoga


face yoga

You have to do this method for one minute focusing on the center, this to be done by closing your eyes, the center head region is highly focused and you need to close your eyes while trying out this, feel the pressure point on the head, finger pad region must be used to apply pressure and feel it. While doing this process don’t use your nails. You need to tap with finger pads, you have to feel where tapping process feels good, after knowing that just concentrate more on that particular region.


face yoga

After taking a good scalp massage do this technique and above said method for one minute, you will get a good relief from the head pain and hangovers. You have to place your palms closer to above your ear region, give some pressure on it, while trying this process you need to exhale through the nose. Move the palms slightly and give circular motions.

  1. Face line lift

face yoga

You can sit either on floor or in taller chair, take your right hand palm raise it to 45 degree and then touch the left hand side ear region, the neck has to be tilted to left side. Neck has to be stretched along that stretch the shoulder and arm muscles. You have feel while the stretch is, you have to remain in this pose, while doing this method you need to pull your tongue outside. In the tilt side only tongue has to be stretched outer. Exhalation should be through mouth. You’re pushing all carbon-dioxide outside the lungs. Do it for 10 seconds.

  1. Baggy eye eliminator

face yoga

Raise both of your arms, stretch it above the head, and keep holding two hands together, while pressing shoulder you have to do exhalation. Try to straighten the elbow region. While dosing this pose make your mouth to o shape, by opening up. What you have to do is, pull it downward. Forehead should not be wrinkled while trying out this, gaze has to be turned on upward direction, and then you may feel the stretch on eyes and mouth. Nose has to do the breathing action.

Exercising the facial muscles are done, then you need to do face massages, these massages helps to remove toxins by simply enhancing the blood circulation and lymph flow. These massages help to remove the puffiness of eyes and dark circles. Acupressure method is used in this face yoga process, and then you get complete relaxation, relaxing the tension on face is got by relaxation, you can get free of those wrinkles, blemishes and lines. So for all this face yoga therapy is used, this it is done using acupressure, massage, relaxation and exercising.

Try to spend 20-30 minutes for face yoga method, you can see how your skin remains youth, free from stress and reverse the aging sign. Don’t miss to practice this methods, keep doing daily, can’t you spend half an hour time for your health management and beauty enhancement. So all the best to all members those who are going to try out these face yoga technique in their daily basis and I am sure you will get younger looking skin and face by at least five year reduced look.

“Don’t invest huge money in parlours to beautify you; just do face yoga technique at zero cost”.

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