Carbohydrates – Are they important?

I have been hearing this word a lot- carbohydrates ! Maybe because i am dealing with diabetic patients this becomes an important prescription!

Everyone talks about it but is everyone aware about what are these?

Carbohydrates is a macronutrient which takes up about 60% of our dietary nutrient allowance!

Our Indian meal is extremely rich in carbohydrates as well as first meal in a day is very important for our health!

Before jumping on to that, lets first understand what are these carbohydrates!

– Carbohydrates is the most important energy source for your body.
– Digestive system coverts carbohydrates into glucose for giving us energy.

Carbohydrates are divided into 2 types:-

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(1) Simple carbohydrates

– Fructose (Fruit sugar)
– Lactose (Milk sugar)
– Sucrose (Plain sugar)

(2) Complex carbohydrates

– Simple carbohydrates are found naturally in foods such as fruits, vegetables, milk and milk products.
– They also include refined sugars.
– Complex carbohydrates include whole grain breads and cereals, starchy vegetables and legumes.
– Complex carbohydrates (Not all) are good source of fiber as well!

Why are carbohydrates important?

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– 1 gram of carbohydrate= 4kcal which is used as a source of energy.
– 40-60% of your diet can consist of carbohydrates.
– Some foods are micronutrient rich too!
– Many foods have phytochemicals which are naturally occurring helpful agents!
– A diet high in fruits, vegies, whole grains and fiber has shown to reduce lifestyle diseases risk (As per the research in 2010)
– A high fiber diet helps in better digestion, also learn 7 amazing home remedies to cure indigestion fast which further adds in preventing constipation and reduces colon diseases risk.
– High fiber foods have high value of satiety which helps in regulating blood sugar levels to some extent.
– Whole wheat, barley and rye helps in reducing blood cholesterol levels.

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Dr. Trishala Chopra

With varied degrees, Trishala Chopra gets a complete hold in her subject! She is currently pursuing her doctorate in the field of alternative therapies and her diploma in sports nutrition. Her knowledge in the field of naturopathy,yoga, ayurveda, clinical nutrition, nutraceuticals makes her a complete package of knowledge!

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