Some Proven and Effective Home Remedies

Home remedies are something that has been followed and proven for great treatment since ancient time. It is followed in every home today also to get the best results. It comes up with treatment for several problems like sore throat, cracking lips, headache, running home, cough and cold, depression, stress, weight loss and many more such problems. They are something which comes up with very low cost and assured cure. Home remedies are one of the most opted form of medication when it comes to curing it from the root itself.

Listed below are some great forms of home remedies:

  • Almonds for headache- Almond is one such nut that comes with assured result for headache. If you eat around 20 almonds at time you will definitely manage to get rid of severe headache as it contains salicin. Regular consumption of almond also reduces the risk of getting frequent headache. Hence it is suggested you to have almonds to avoid or get rid of headache. Keeping it in your daily habit also helps.
  • Clove oil for toothache- You should prefer using clove oil if you are suffering from severe tooth ache. You can dap some clove oil in a ball of cotton and put it in the affected area of your tooth, this will definitely help you to get rid of the toothache. This helps tightening your gums and you will feel better gradually.
  • Mint leaves for acne- It is a proven result that if you use mint leaves for treating your acne it will give you an assured result. Make a paste out the mint leaves and apply it on the affected area, this will give you a very clear skin and will heal all the acne.
  • Peppermint and cinnamon increases alertness- It is a quite proven fact that peppermint and cinnamon increases the level of alertness in you. It makes you feel quite fresh and active and keep you working the whole day.

Why home remedies over other forms of medication?

The other forms of medication may give you instant relief but they are not good and effective in the long run. They do not take off your problem from the root itself. Whereas home remedies come up with gradual medication but has assured result for each of your problem. Though it is gradual but the result will definitely be on your favor.

How effective home remedies are as compared to general medicines?

The effect of home remedies are well known all over the world. People prefer using it over the other form of medication. Home remedy is quite effective and soothing on your body and face. It effect many make you feel completely different.

Eyogguroo home remedies have always brought about smiles on the faces of people. We have become one of the trusted name when it comes to home remedies. We do not have any side effects for the medication we provide. We have been in the home remedies industry since years and have earned a good name.

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