Benefits of Cardamom

  • Its good detoxify the body.
  • It is anti oxidants, so work as anti aging.
  • Its help in getting rid of hiccups.
  • Its help in getting rid of bad breath.
  • Its improve blood circulation.
  • It’s a good remedy for cold.
  • Its good for asthma.
  • Its use for skincare.
  • Cardamom is mostly used in cosmetics to impart fragrance.
  • Its reduce your high blood pressure.



Benefits of fenugreek

  • Fenugreek is so much beneficial for Sugar level control and diabetic cure.
  • Fenugreek used in Ayurveda, particularly to enhance libido and masculinity.
  • Fenugreek can improve the function of the hormone insulin.
  • Fenugreek can reduce your excess weight.
  • Fenugreek can be good beneficial for arthritis effected person.
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