Cell Phone Addiction: Sign, Symptoms, And Treatment

It is not uncommon to see people all around us involved in their phones. Smartphones have certainly helped us in making our life easier, and more comfortable by bringing the world at our fingertips. But, over the time, smartphones have invaded our lives to such an extent, that we cannot imagine going through a single day without cell phones. You can hardly see a person without a phone in his hand.

The addiction to our smartphones has reached such an extreme level that people feel the urge to check their phones even in the middle of the night when they wake up from their sleep. All of us are addicted to our phones to some extent, but some people suffer from cell phone addiction such that their lives are negatively impacted because of their addiction. The cell phone addiction is a real thing, and it may seriously harm your relationships, and lives. Let’s have a look at some of the signs and symptoms of the cell Phone addiction:

Cell Phone Addiction: Signs and Symptoms

1.The urge to use the cell phone more often, and for increased duration of time. People with cell phone addiction feel the need to use their phone for most of the hours of the day. By using the phone, they feel a certain sense of enjoyment every time they use their phone.

2.Using the phone every time you feel depressed, or anxious. People tend to turn to their phones when they feel low, or anxious. Evidentially, using the cell phone boosts up the feelings of the people.

3.The tolerance of the cell phone addicts is pretty high. The people need the newest smartphones, newest apps, and increased time of using the smartphones. The tolerance keeps on increasing with the time, grabbing the people in its clutches.

4.The excessive use of the smartphones results in the loss of the sense of the time. The people are so much involved in their phones that they have no idea about the time they had lost doing almost nothing.

5.The relationships and jobs of the people are put at risk because of this addiction. Every relationship needs time, and care. With the cell phones eating up all the time of a person, it is normal for his life relationships to suffer. The people cannot stop themselves from using the cell phones even when they are at their job. This degrades their performance.

Cell Phone Addiction: Treatment

1.First of all, the most important step is to keep yourself away from the smartphones during the sleeping hours. The smartphones can affect your sleeping patterns, which in turn can affect your health. So, find some other place to keep your phone, rather than your bedside table. This will avoid you from checking your phone every time you wake up in the night.

2.You can use the technology itself to get rid of your cell phone addiction. There are some apps, such as a break free app, which tells you how many times you unlocked your phone, how many hours you have used your phone in the day, or how many times, and for how long you have used a certain app. The elevating numbers are sure to refrain you from overusing your phone.

3.You can set up a schedule during which you may totally ignore your cell phone. These detoxing hours are sure to help you with your Cell Phone Addiction.

4.You can opt for total digital detox, where you go phone-less for an entire weekend. Switch off your phone, keep it in the bottom drawer, and enjoy your weekend catching up with friends, and family without the constant urge to use your phone.

It is surely not impossible to fight your cell phone addiction, although it can be pretty difficult. So, ask your friends, or family to help you with it. So, what are you waiting for, go get a digital detox this week?

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