Are you passion to cook variety of foods at home, if you’re a food lover and willing to prepare the recipe at home then here comes a very delicious and a variety recipe made up of chicken, I hope everyone loves chicken, chicken can be cooked on several forms. A lot’s of variety and tasty dish can be made out of chicken, starting from small kid to older person, all love to eat chicken, it’s juicy taste along with spices really tempts the person to eat it.

The best choices of food to be served with chicken patties are chopped spinach and tomato. Tomato and fennel salad remains as an excellent accompaniment for these spicy chicken patties, even almonds with green beans goes well with this recipe. A hundred gram of chicken patties provides about 287 calories, 43 mg of cholesterol, fifteen grams of protein, thirteen gram of carbohydrate, and sodium in 532 mg amount.

Left over chicken can be used to prepare these chicken patties, in Indian way if you prefer for accompaniment, then go with mint chutney. It can be had as an evening snack. If you’re bored of eating the same snack each time, then try this variation, you will surely love the flavor and taste of this patties. Kids like this golden and crispy patty, Chicken breast which is left over can be used to prepare this recipe without wasting the fleshy portion. Mustard sauce or mayonnaise also serves as a good accompaniment. The other way to have these chicken patties is by having along with sour cream with hot sauce. This is gluten free, low carbohydrate diet. The preparation time is fifteen minutes to half an hour. The ground chicken flavored with spices will really tempt your taste buds to have a try of it by tasting this yummy one.

Chicken patties

Ingredients required for Chicken patties:-



Ginger garlic paste

Minced chicken (finely chopped chicken or small pieces of chicken)

Garam masala

Chilli powder

Turmeric powder


Tomato puree or tomato ketchup

Jeera powder

Coriander powder

Wheat flour



Pepper powder

Chicken patties Method:-

Take the wheat flour in a flat bottomed vessel, to it add little salt, water and prepare chapatti dough out of it. Try to prepare long and thin chapatti dough, and then keep it aside. Take a kadai to it add oil, onion, ginger garlic paste and fry well in kadai. Now add minced chicken in kadai fry it well let this mix well with other ingredients, turmeric powder, coriander powder, chilli powder, salt and tomato ketch up to be added to it and mix well, let all be cooked well. When it’s gets cooked remove from fire and keep it aside, now take the rolled chapattis and apply the well beaten egg along with pepper powder, salt, jeera powder and then apply this mixture on  both sides of the dough, then put on a hot tawa, prepare chapatti like preparing ordinary chapatti and then remove from fire. Keep the chicken filling inside the chapatti and roll it. Afterwards cut it on the center region and serve hot as such. Yummy and tasty chicken patties now made at your home, ready to be eaten.

Note: The chapatti while preparing should not be overcooked or it should be free from dark black spots, so light cooking is require to prevent the browning of chapatti, then it would taste too good.

If you want to prepare this mouth watering spicy chicken patties at home, and then follow the method given above, it will be juicy and softer inside the patties and outer layer will be crispy. I am sure your taste buds will be spice up with these wonderful delicious chicken patties, don’t miss to try in home.

I hope the above shared information will be informative and useful to every one of us, thanks for taking time to readout my article. If you like reading out my articles, then kindly share it with your friends and family members.

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