World Day Against Child Labour

Today is 12th June.That is world day against child labour.Childhood is the happiest and most memorable journey of life. Every human being remember his childhood his entire life. Mother’s love and affection, father’s care, companionship with friends, school fun, perhaps in these memories, when childhood passes, nobody knows. But childhood memories are not good for everyone. Childhood is a curse for many people. How can a childhood be considered a curse? If this is to know, then look at the poignant story of that child who washes the utensils outside your house or tea person, the tastes of the bitter childhood memories are known to the child who collect the plastic bottles lying on the railway stations.

You are aware of the problem of child labor. Any child whose age is below 14 years and works for livelihood is called child labor. Due to poverty, helplessness and harassment of parents, these children go away in this swamp of child labor.

Today there are 215 million children worldwide who are under 14 years of age. And the time of these children is not between school copy books and friends, but between hotels, homes, industries, utensils, broom-wipes and tools. This situation has become very alarming in India.


The largest child labor in the world is in India. Figures of child labor were 11.3 million per the 1991 census. This figure was 12.7 million in 2001. This figure increased to 12.7 million in 2001.

Reasons behind Child Labour

Have you ever wondered why they take advantage of the work of ninety-nine hands? And later, when these tiny hands get rupees, their hearts are filled with happiness, without the knowledge that they are slowly trapped in the trap of exploitation. You know what the worst thing is of this child labor! Their work? No! Loosing childhood at a young age? No! The exploitation of those small little innocent people? Not at all! The poor are the one who is conscious of all and still cooperating in this act. Don’t they know that running a small shopkeeper, factory worker, running a small shop is a non-statutory job to do child labor. In today’s time, everybody knows child labor wages are such a thing in which you may have to pay a fine of 3 years and a fine of 10,000 rupees, and there is also a double sentence for repetition of this act and penalty for it. But despite seeing their work being done at a lower cost, they end their sensitivity and play an important role in making the children workers.

Awareness in society about Child Labour

But do you know what’s worse than this? It is in our society, seeing yourself and me all this, even knowingly and remain silent. We have learnt in our childhood that where we should lift our voice, but we become a cat. If we are human in this world. We should speak and strengthen our voice against every non-legal and non-human work, we should move forward. If you are capable, please do not hesitate to do so. If you go ahead in this matter, then spread some awareness among the society. If you are not able to do that, they do not go out of there, but do anything from their side. As if you can write something related to this thing on your social networking site and make constant awareness in your knowledge. If you remain aware, then the community will also be aware of it. Just keep trying constantly to finish it, even if it is done at a small level.

Initiatives towards Elimination of Child Labour

  • The government has made efforts to prohibit child labour by enacting Child Labour Laws in India including 1986 Child Labour (Prohibition and Regulation).
  • Governement has been taking measures to solve this problem by strictly applying laws and policies against this crime.
  • State Governments, are also actively carrying out raids ans inspections to find and stop suc cases.
  • NGO’s and Social workers are also giving their best to throw out this crim from the country.


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