What makes Co-enzyme Q 10 a special need in a daily life

Co-enzyme Q 10 is the antioxidant that is found in cells of the human body. When the level of Co-enzyme Q-10 is less in body, then there needs supplementation of it through either a balanced diet or through effective supplementation of Co-enzyme Q 10 supplements. This antioxidant helps in conversion of food in to energy, generally antioxidants have the function of fighting against free radicals in the body. Free radicals are the cause for aging process, cardio vascular diseases, cancer. These Co-enzyme Q 10 helps in prevention of degenerative diseases.

Action of Co-enzyme Q 10 in human body

In human cells the energy production is improved, thereby free radical damage to cells is prevented or retarded, blood clot formation is prevented

Proved action of Co-enzyme Q 10

  • When a heart attack patient takes it routinely in their diet the chances of further attacks are reduced, Angina pectoris also prevented.
  • People with congestive heart failure when taken this Co enzyme Q 10 along with their regular medicines the hearts ability to pump blood will be increased, Respiration will be improved, fluid accumulation in lungs and legs will be less.
  • Helped in lowering the blood pressure
  • High cholesterol patients have generally low level of co-enzyme Q 10 in their body, so when taken Co-enzyme Q 10 in supplement form there is decreased level of cholesterol in the blood.
  • When a patient is going to undergone heart surgery before that when they taken this supplement there is improved heart function, irregular heartbeat (arrhinia) is prevented, free radical damage is also prevented which can be done for both heart transplantation patients also bypass surgery conditions, this procedure to be done to get benefit out of these amazing co-enzyme Q 10.
  • Helps in prevention of periodontal disease
  • Helps in lower of blood sugar and maintain it in control with diabetes patients.
  • Immune system of HIV patients is improved by this co-enzyme Q 10
  • Improves the male fertility by improving sperm counts and motility
  • Helps in prevention of migraines

Sources of Co-enzyme Q 10

organ meats, salmon fish, tuna fish, a balanced diet, wholegrains

Supplement forms of Co-enzyme Q 10

Soft gels, capsules, tablets, oral sprays

What to be not done with co-enzyme Q 10

These supplements must not be recommended for children under 18years of age except under doctor’s prescription

Other Names of Co-enzyme Q 10

Ubiquinone, Ubidecarenone, Coenzyme, COQ, Vitamin Q-10

How much Quantity of Co Q present in human body

Human tissues have this Co-enzyme Q 10, More level of it is present in heart, liver, kidneys and pancreas, lesser amount of Co Q is found in lungs.

Co-enzyme Q 10 is used as an alternative or complimentary treatment to cure cancer, the mechanism behind it is, antioxidant properties of it, it boosts up the immune system, destroys the cancer cell growth.

How to Administer Co-enzyme Q 10

  • Through Pills (gels, capsules, tablets)
  • Through injection (Intravenous) on veins

Genes are the pieces of DNA which guides the cells how to work, when to multiply, divide in human body, so any damage causes to DNA leads to impairment in cell growth, no multiplication of cells. There is a strong link in impaired DNA level and cancer cell development.

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