A recent study which is published in journal of Environmental international which states that in beauty products certain specific chemicals causes harm on women’s hormones. Even it resulted in lots of changes in the women’s reproductive hormones. In the research study the women in the age group of 18-40 years are selected for the study, also these women are free from chronic diseases, they are healthy too. 143 persons are selected for the research study. Urine samples are collected from those women and study was conducted. These selected persons are measured for the environmental chemicals which are seen in the beauty care products and personal care products. Chemicals like parabens, benzophenones, UV filters and antimicrobial preservatives levels are measured on them.

The study found that when these harmful chemicals even at less level of exposure affected the hormones of reproductive system of women’s. Also the study says that when the chemicals from beauty care products and the ultraviolet filters found on it lessens the level of female reproductive hormones. In some case it is also found that in huge exposure of these hazardous chemicals on personal or beauty care products resulted in increase on other types of reproductive hormones.

The study indicates to all of us that before using the beauty care products and personal care products, the chemical composition should be well known then choose the products. In before studies it is found that a parabens chemical increases the levels of oestrogen. Multiple exposures of paraben chemical might result in breast cancer on extreme level exposure of the chemical, which severely affects the female reproductive system.  The hormone function are disrupted on severe exposure of parabens, also in many study it is find that parabens chemical exposure on high level would result in the development of risk of cancer on breast of women, in simple these chemicals are called as the toxic to the reproductive system.

Another study carried out which states that paraben chemical which reacts like oestrogen hormone and it start to bind with the oestrogen receptor on the cells that result in the increased level of oestrogen hormone than the normal level. That may further increased the development of tumors on breast cells, so the chance of breast cancer is high on paraben rich personal care or beauty care products.

When buying any beauty care product check for the list of ingredients in it. Best thing you can do is prepare herbal products at home and use for your skin care routine, it’s safe and better way to protect our body. For hair care treatments better you can stop choosing products from markets, prepare oils from pure coconut oil mixed with any of essential oils of your choice.

Just remember in mind that our skin is the largest organ in our body, once you start using a beauty care product the harmful chemical in it start spreading throughout the body, since that chemical starts to distribute and enter into bloodstream and then enters all over the body, because everywhere in our body skin is present. Thus the toxicity of the chemical spreads and affects several regions of our human body.

Here mentioned below are the few list of chemicals found in beauty care products you can check on the label of the product before buying.

  • Diazolinyl urea
  • Lead acetate
  • Methylene glycol/formaldehyde
  • Propyl paraben
  • Quaternium-15

For the safe of consumers, FDA checks whether these harmful chemicals are present in the personal care products are not, thereby the product can be evaluated in safety level and then it can reach the consumer safely.

Learn the toxic chemicals from your favorite cosmetics and start avoiding it after seeing this information to safeguard yourself.

beauty care

Below is the chemicals found in the cosmetics that posses toxic effect.


These deadly chemicals are seen on lotions, hair care products, cosmetics, deodorants. This causes breast cancers in women. In a study it was fond that high level of parabens is seen in the upper quadrant of breast, on this region generally antiperspirants are applied.

Sodium lauryl sulphate

It is actually an detergent, emulsifier and surfactant, seen in most beauty products like shampoos, hair colours, body washes, in foundation lotions, liquid hand wash soaps. During manufacturing of this chemical there is possible of contamination with 1, 4 dioxane. This is a cancer causing chemical.


Phthalates are the plasticizing ingredient which causes birth defects in boy’s reproductive system; also in adult men it causes low count of sperm with less motility of sperms. In labels of cosmetics check for phthalates, because they are hidden by the word fragrance. Be cautious in usage of it.


Toluene is prepared from coal tar or petroleum; these are seen widely in nail polish and synthetic fragrances. Higher exposure of toluene chemicals resulted in less level of red blood cells and that resulted in anaemia, renal damage and liver damage. In fact that could even affect the foetus growth in mother’s womb.

Now you are come to know how danger are these chemicals, that is seen hidden in the beauty care routine of you, in a recent study it also found that approximately American women uses 168 several types of chemical through person or beauty care products in a day, how they are exposed dangerously, American men on an average get exposed to 85 types of chemicals in a day. So you now need to make a wise decision and avoid using those dead full chemicals, better go organic, choose herbal products and stay away from your life eaters. Save your precious life.

I hope the above furnished information will definitely be useful to everyone  who read it and if you like reading out my content kindly give your suggestion and valuable feedback below and keep sharing this content to your friends and family members on social media. Your sharing is like caring.

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