Human eyes can describe your personality and behavior, when you want to analyze a person, just look their eyes. It describes a lot. By naturally our eyes are highly expressive, your emotions and feelings can be conveyed well to your eyes. Emotions may vary like happy, sadness, scared, anger and excitement. All these emotions can be conveyed by our eyes. Its god’s gift we can say. If you want to know well easily about a person, then look the color of their eyes. Analyze can be made easily with this method and also the eye care tips can be followed.

We all may wonder how it’s possible, yes it’s possible. A police can read the eye of a person and will judge the person easily. So looking at the eye in a deeper way becomes a tool in the investigation. Eye to eye contact while communication is essential for a marketing professionals. It adds up the confidence level in their way of speaking. So un-doubtfully our eyes are an effective tool in analyzing the person’s attitude.

Let’s see the different types of eye color seen in a human being.

  • Brown eyes
  • Green eyes
  • Dark eyes
  • Blue eyes
  • Grey eyes

Now let us see each particular eye type and their specific character-

Brown Eyes


These brown eye persons are very practical and they are friendly in nature, they don’t take anything in a serious way, they may adjust according to the situation and don’t overreact and these persons are very responsible. 55% of people throughout the world have this brown eye. These eyes persons are sensitive and too kind.

Green Eyes


These green-eyed persons are tough to predict. They can manage well the pressure situations. These persons love to be liberal and independent. Sex appeal is high among them. Very youthful person and a fast decision maker.

Grey eyes


These grey-eyed persons are straightforward. They are highly defensive and these grey-eyed persons are very rare to find and when you see them you need to be very careful. To safeguard yourself. Rational decisions are not taken easily by them. For these grey-eyed persons when any struggle arises, they will remain stronger and fight against it.

Dark eyes


Dark-eyed people are born leader, most athletes are dark-eyed ones. They love sports and very warm-hearted in nature, a trustful person with more sympathy and emotional attachment with others. These dark eyes people are highly reliable; they give more advice on their real-life experiences. Very joyful and makes others happy too.

Blue eyes


These blue-eyed persons are more commonly seen and they can withstand the pain and tolerate it. They have good stamina level. Discomfort situations can be well handled by these eyed people.

In your whole body, an eye expresses the most feelings and there is a saying that “Eye’s won’t lie, your tongue may slip and lie, but the eyes are true”. The color of eyes can be determined easily by how many levels of melanin present in our eyes. This eye color is determined by the iris. We all human being differ from attitude, appearance physical look and in simple everyone are unique.

All have their plus and minuses in them. No one is really perfect. So whatever the character is behavior we possess before, let’s turn up to positively and live our life to the fullest and be in this world without harming other people and thus see the best in you and be accordingly.

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