Blurred vision is due to farsightedness, nearsightedness and astigmatism, this blurred vision can also be a symptom of dangerous diseases like stroke, eye threatening diseases and other neurological diseases. The other term for stroke is brain attack, which is the most lead cause of death in the entire world. Stroke is also the cause of chronic adult disability. When the blood flow to the brain gets stopped, then there leads to attack on brain which is known as stroke. Strokes are of two types one is ischemic stroke and other is hemorrhagic stroke. Ischemic stroke is when blood clot occurs inside the brain region. The blood vessels that supply blood to the brain gets blocked it result in this condition. In hemorrhagic stroke there will be bleeding inside the brain region. This type of stroke occurs when the blood vessel gets weekend and starts to rupture, at this time there blood spills into the brain tissue.

The stroke symptoms and signs can differ from one person to another. It happen mostly suddenly, the first main symptom of stroke is FAST, it means Face-Arms-Speech-Time it happens suddenly.


The face will get drooped on one side, the person unable to smile and the mouth of that person may get drooped.


The person is unable to lift his arm or leg due to the numbness or weakness.


There will be sudden inability to speak, the speech can be slurred.


Here time is brain, stroke occurs now on him, so don’t hesitate; take the patient immediately to the nearby hospital.

You need to pay immediate attention on blurred vision, double vision or loss of vision on one eye. There can be of confusion, difficulty to understand what other person saying, severe headache and dizziness.

Do you stroke kills you silently, because of this it are referred as silent killer? But the truth is 80 percentages of strokes are preventable. If you see the risk factors of stroke they are hypertension, diabetes, dyslipidemia and smoking. If you compare the level of stroke occurrence from few decades it is growing very vastly. Once they get stroke most people may experience permanent disability of certain parts of body throughout their lifetime.


Treatment of stroke

Once stroke comes, they give immediately acute treatment to get a relief from it. The main motto of the acute treatment of stroke is to lessen the incidence of brain injury and to restore blood flow to the brain region which has block in it. Certain specific injections like clot busting injections named tissue plasminogen activator (tPA) are given at times to bust the clots. Immediate medical seeking is highly important in stroke management. Other treatment like mechanical thrombectomy or thrombus aspiration can be done but within twenty four hours of stroke occurrence. This type of treatment mechanical thrombectomy to be given when no clot bust injection are given, since there will be larger occlusion of arteries in brain. So on such cases this type treatment is important.

Life after stroke

It is actually a physical and mental challenge after the stroke onset, severe suffering we can say simply. The type of treatment required in stroke management may differ from one person to other. After stroke occurs they are become as survivors of stroke and the hardest part of life to tackle it, life after stroke is totally changed and of course it becomes a challenge to them. The patient may feel lonely at times of this onset. First of all you need to accept and ready to alter your lifestyle and go ahead with this stroke management then only you can survive with stroke. You need to develop new skills and get practical, emotional and social support thereby to live with post stoke. When there is good care along with rehabitation yes there is definitely life after stroke. Overall rehabitation in stroke is trying to lead a normal life that too developing mental skills to live an independent life with few mental, emotional and physical support from others.

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