Are conventional foods good or bad for your health?

In this developmental era, most of the people are getting attached to such possibilities which are going to save time. Well nowadays irrespective of gender while every one of us is running behind the rat race, we are barely getting time to cherish our moments. This certain factor is having a great negative impact on our lives. Due to lack of time, most of us are growing our fondness regarding ready to eat as well as conventional food. Also, due to much of stress at the workplace, we are barely getting enough rest or sleep which is leading to the increased consumption of conventional foods. While without imposing the hazardous outcome of consuming processed food, we are eating such at an extensive level, so in this artifact, we are going to explain about the advantages as well as disadvantages of consuming readily to eat food.

What are Conventional Foods?

Ready to eat or conventional foods are just the opposite of organic foods. While regarding organic farming no harmful chemicals, as well as pesticides, will be used, on the other hand regarding conventional foods different sorts of chemicals will be used at the farming level. Even after farming and harvesting at the storage level also few food additives will be sprinkled to the substances for increased shelf-life. These possible steps are enough to cause health hazards.

Type of additive used regarding conventional foods

Well, there are two types of additives- Natural and artificial. While natural additives are sugar, oil, vinegar, salt, etc. which are perfectly safe to use, the artificial preservatives are not at all safe. Thus, FDA or Food and Drug Administration has set a limit regarding usage of such preservatives. Usage of such beyond the permissible limit is a punishable offense. But still many of food manufacturers are using the additives without following the guideline.

The artificial additives include MSG (monosodium glutamate), BHT (butylated hydroxytoluene), BHA (butylated hydroxyanisole), phosphoric acid, Nitric acid, Nitric oxide, etc. Excessive use of these preservatives is carcinogenic.

Advantage of ready to eat products or conventional foods

  • First of all, it saves time. You are in a hurry and the most delicious dish can be instant noodles. Or suppose you are tired after a long day and hungry too. Instant noodles, instant pasta, fried rice, paneer preparations are present to diminish your hunger.
  • Infants, as well as teenagers, are fond of such foods as these preparations are very much tasty.
  • These foods are going to satisfy your appetite easily and promptly.

Disadvantage of Conventional Foods

  • Prolonged consumption of ready to eat foods may cause nausea, enamel loss from teeth, lack of vitamin and mineral/ deficiencies, will be increasing cholesterol level, higher LDL or Low-density lipoproteins and lower HDL or high-density lipoprotein levels.
  • With some minimal amount of physical exercise and higher stress level are going to impact our biological cycle. Thus, our cycle will be disturbed, hence obvious outcomes like lifestyle disorders such as obesity, deficiency diseases, heart diseases, hypertension, high blood pressure
  • Even sometimes these outcomes might be fatal and can lead to heart attack or stroke.
  • Also, nitrite and nitrates are potentially
  • Sometimes weight gain, weakness are common syndromes which can be included.
  • Mostly the ready to eat food products are rich in saturated fatty acids. Thus, oxidation process will be higher with the aging process.
  • Hence it is visible that food substances made regarding traditional way will be best to consume and this will provide the essential nutrients a body needs to grow.

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