Count steps, Use pedometer (Count distance traveled on foot)

As mentioned many times the advantages of walk in our daily life. Once again we are back to the topic on how a pedometer will help you to keep a count of your steps. Because each step is important.

We are in a position where 90% people spend almost 9-10 hours working on a sitting job. And it becomes more important for a person to be physically active on a desk job. And how you can keep a track on your moves is the main question, but don’t worry. We have an answer to your every issue. Technology has made very easier for us. These days there are many gadgets like wristwatches Fitbits- One- Charge- Zip- Alta- Surge- Blaze, Yamax Digiwalker, Omron HJ-321 Tri-axis, Walk4life etc.

There are some apps also to keep a count of your steps or you can set a target and complete it. Some of the examples are Apple health (available on iPhone), Google Fit (For Android Phones), Pedometer & weight loss coach, Moves, Accupedo Pedometer, Noom Walk and counting.

Above mentioned apps can be used to track steps. Simply tie your wrist watch but make sure to not wash your delegates. Ideally, one should walk at least for half an hour daily which should complete 2.5 kilometers.

Let’s count the benefits of a pedometer

It is a great motivator and encourage you to do more work out and motivates you to be fit.

Set your own goals

You can be your best motivator. One doesn’t need a motivator once you have thought to buy a pedometer. A very common goal is to complete 10000 steps in a day at least in your starting days. You don’t need your gym anymore when you can even lose weight and stay in shape with the pedometer. Set your own goals and beat it, repeat the process.

A pedometer costs from anywhere between 200 – 20000 and if you are looking for a wrist pedometer it might costs you between 10000 and above.

Health Benefits of Pedometer

Indulging in daily activities results in many health benefits, acts as a stress buster, make you feel fresh, lower down your blood pressure, manages blood sugar level, controls cholesterol level, improves bone health, fewer chances of heart diseases increases your metabolism and help in losing weight. If continued can be proven beneficial for the overall health. Daily walk or exercises also keeps you young and beautiful.

You gotta new Walking Bae

We normally look forward to accompanying us during a walk. But these days nobody has that much time or maybe our friends are not available at that point in time. Replace your friend with your new walking Buddy “Pedometer”. Who will not only assist you but also give you the motivation to do more just like your friends does? So if you were not going out for a walk because you were alone, certainly you have got a new buddy.

Conclusion: If you do not want to invest your money in an expensive pedometer you rather download an app on your smartphone.

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