Dance –A Hobby or Exercise?

Dance even though seems to be a normal action or a common hobby in all-around the world, yet there are many things associated with it! Dance is universally known to be the best form of expressing feelings & thoughts!  Dance has the ability to connect people emotionally. There are many kinds of dance forms seen globally like Cha-cha, Cumbia, Rumba, Bharatanatyam, Kathakali, Ballroom Dance, Latin Dance, Jazz, Disco Dance, Ballet, Hip Hop, Pole dancing, Salsa etc.

Why Dance is good for health and Is dance a hobby or an exercise?

Many of the researchers have proved that dancing can improve your physical and mental health. Dancing helps you to get better strength in your bones, it also makes your muscles strong and helps metabolism flow in your body! Proper regular dance practice will help your heart pump blood through the whole body! Good amount of blood circulation can make a great impact on your body. Even though dance is a hobby.

It is also the best exercise for each and every one’s body! Dancing is the best form of workout you can do in your whole day. Other than scheduling some exercises for yourself put up some songs from your playlist and start moving! Yes, just start moving, because of this you will start to exert much of your calories and start burning fats too! Dancing for almost an hour will be equivalent to jogging!

What are the various benefits of Dancing?

Dancing includes varieties under it! Learning each and practicing them is in itself a workout an exercise that you carry out! Dancing holds many such benefits for you to the following list:

  • It helps you relax, refresh and stay stress-free all day long
  • It helps you to express your thoughts to the others easily!
  • It is a group of many known people helps you think that it is a group of people; it actually unites each one of you!
  • Dancing provides and promotes the development of mental & physical health along with better social skills.
  • It is a true form of exercise and workout!
  • It motivates and inspires you to have a simple yet a great living!
  • Dancing ensures that the exercising dancing daily is beneficial to you and your internal and external organs!
  • The dance will be more helpful if you want to reduce weight!
  • It builds your social network strong!
  • It increases your self-confidence, self-esteem and improves your physical and mental health within the body!
  • It also flourishes your imagination and creativity!
  • If you do dance daily, then it develops the coordination, flexibility, elasticity, and agility of your bones!
  • Last but not the least Dancing also helps channelize metabolism of the body and helps your body to burn calories and fats easily!


Dancing even though seems to be a hobby you can state it as the simplest exercise which is done in free form and has no restrictions or rules that you have to particularly follow. Be free and exercise a lot through dancing. Keep yourself fit and fine and see stress, overweight and anxiety leaving your path! Live Long Live Happy!!

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Rupali Sharma

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