Are There Dark circles under your eyes? Get rid of them today!

What are dark circles? How do they arise?

Most of the time you must have heard that dark circles happen to men & women due to a lot of stress, no proper blood circulation near eyes, tiredness, fatigue, etc. But this may not be the whole truth! Yes! Genes and changing hormones play a major role in our body! Each and every day there are several of hormones that keep changing themselves from the nucleus level to the cell level too.

Dark circles happen due to aging issues also where your skin starts losing its elasticity and shine. Because of all these reasons, your skin becomes thin and due to different kind of stress and less sleep dark circles start forming as blood near your eye starts to accumulate!

What are the Preventive measures you can take to reduce and flush away dark circles from your face?

There are several home remedies that if applied can help you clear dark circles from your skin and make it clear again.

1) Use Butter Milk or Cold Milk:  Both Buttermilk and Cold milk are helpful for your skin as they made it smooth and soft. Dark circles make you look pale and drops your face. Milk has several vitamins and nutrient sin it which your face needs to be uplifted always. Drinking Milk and Butter Milk also is beneficial.

Procedure to use Butter Milk: You may mix buttermilk with turmeric powder mostly 2 tablespoons. Apply the paste that you have made and apply near your dark circles and keep for 30minutes max.

Procedure to use Cold Milk:  Cold milk is also beneficial. Make use of cotton balls and dip it in cold milk. Then apply that cotton ball near your dark circles and wash it after 20 minutes as it dries.

2) Make use of Rosewater the best beauty treatment remedy: The best remedy that you can have is Rosewater. Drinking it in milk or cold water or apply on the face makes you glow and shine.

Procedure to use Rosewater:

Use cotton balls and soak it in rose water for more than 10 minutes and then keep it in your eyes for almost 15-25 minutes, stretch yourself and legs and go to sleep.

3) Use Tomatoes & Potatoes: The best options to get rid of dark circles as they work naturally. Application of both is always helpful to your eyes.

Procedure to use Tomatoes:

Make a juice of 1 tomatoes and one lemon and in a bowl put one teaspoon of both. Dip cotton in the mixture. Apply where you have dark circles and keep almost for 15-18 minutes approximately. Wash as it dries off.

Procedure to use Potatoes:

Take one potato and cut it in slices wash your face well first then keep those slices on your eyes and take a good nap for 30 minutes. Wash your face well later


Here are some home remedies that if you follow diligently will help you to flush away with these dark circles and make your skin glow and shine and make it smooth too! Click here to read more articles Face Care tips in hindi

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