How to deal with rough hands. Get baby soft skin.

I help you so much… Take care of me please says my hand

Of course, my sweet little hands have suffered a lot for me. They have worked all day along as commanded to them. Now it’s time to payback. We take care of our face and hair very properly but we usually forget to take care of our hands. In this article, there are some remedies which help you in making your hands beautiful and soft.

Thing you should avoid

Too much exposure of skin to water and other chemicals. Doing household tasks and spending too much time in the water and using other kinds of soap and detergents can steal all the moisture from your skin. Avoid harsh soap with lots of chemicals.

How to pamper your hands at home

Do manicure at home:

Why to spend money in parlor if you can do a self-pampering session at home with almost no cost. All you need to do is take hot water (at the temperature according to your need), add some ammonia to it (the same used in bleach) and add some bathing soap or shampoo to it. Soak your hands in the hot water tub and use a pumice stone to remove dead skin.

Scrub once a week:

Use any scrub like neem scrub or apricot scrub. Give a gentle massage to your hands and remove the extra dust caused from pollution and other ultraviolet effects.

Use a good moisturizer:

Do not wash your hands frequently; it dries out all the moisture from the skin. You should apply moisturizer on your hands after every wash. Especially when you are staying in AC, then massage your hand with a good moisturizer to keep them soft.
Normally you can use a light water base moisturizing hand lotion which is easily absorbable. Where you can also use a thick oil-based cream in the night. Apply just before going to bed.

Give your hands a quick massage:

Start your day with applying lotion on your hands and give them a quick massage. Press the tip of each finger and Let your skin breathe.

Apply Sunscreen:

UV rays can cause spots on the skin of brown color, symptoms of pre-aging and wrinkles are some of the drawbacks of exposing your skin to the direct sunlight. So don’t forget to apply sunscreen on the exposing parts of your body before stepping out into the sunlight.

Use hand gloves:

Dealing with some harsh chemicals and soaps you must use hand care gloves before getting into the task. Any chemical or harsh substance enters the body through the skin; we can avoid that by wearing hand glove.

Hope these tips help you to keep your hands soft and young for long.

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