Depression: All That You Should Know

Depression is a serious mental health problem. The ignorance of such a harmful health problem can prove to be dangerous for the patients. Every now and then we all feel sad and low. There are times when we just do not feel like getting up, and doing work. But when all such feelings stay for an extended period of time, then the person might be experiencing depression. The people suffering from this needs support, and help, and care, as much as a person suffering from any other disease would do.

The worst part is that majority of the people are not even aware of the symptoms of this. Some people just shrug it off as just a temporary state of mind. Well, it is crucial that people should be made aware of all this. The burden of the hectic, fast-pacing lives makes a person more prone to depression. So, it is extremely important that we know everything about it, and can help if anyone we know suffers from it. Some of the signs and the symptoms of this are given as follows:

Signs and symptoms of depression

1. Decline in the interests, or hobbies, or activities, which the person previously enjoyed.

2. Weight loss-The people suffering from depression tend to lose their weight without even trying, because of the decrease in their appetite.

3. Sleep disorders- The person may suffer from various sleeping disorders, like insomnia, or hypersomnia.

4. A decrease in energy- The person may always seem fatigued, and low on energy. He might be less willing to do physical works.

5. Loss of sexual desire- The people suffering from depression often suffer from the decrease in their libido.

6. Feeling worthless- The person may feel guilty, and worthless. He may think that he has nothing important to contribute to his, or anyone’s life.

7. A decrease in the ability to think, and make decisions. The person may not concentrate on things longer. The thinking ability is reduced.

8. A depressed person may experience restless or slowed movements.

9. The thoughts of suicide, or self-harm, or attempt to suicide, and death.

A person may expression some, or all of the discussed symptoms when depressed. At some in our lives, we all feel one, or more of these symptoms, but a depressed person has these symptoms for prolonged periods of times, from weeks to months. We should always look out for these symptoms in our loved ones, and provide them with the necessary help.

Causes of Depression

The exact cause of this is not yet understood, but there are some factors, whose combination may lead to the development of depression in a person. Some people are more prone to depression than the others.

The major causes of depression include:

1: Genetics:

The people who are first degree relatives of the people who had suffered depression are at high risk of experiencing depression themselves.


The changes in the certain neurotransmitter levels may cause a person to suffer from this. A head injury in past may also trigger it. The history of the abuse of recreational drugs may also be responsible for depression. Certain prescription drugs may also cause of this.


The kind of people a person is surrounded with and the issues faced during his day may also affect the onset of depression.

4.Psychological and Psychosocial:

The different life events, such as divorce, relationship issues, bereavement, acute stress, or financial problems may trigger depression. The childhood trauma faced by the person may also result in depression.


This can be treated. It is a medical illness, and can be successfully treated using the three major components:


The patients need the support of their family and friends. This relieves their stress.


The therapy helps the person a great deal. Different talking therapies can help the person suffering from this.

3.Drug Therapy:

The patient may be prescribed various anti-depression to help to recover from this.

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