Dietary fibre is a carbohydrate found densely on cereals, vegetables and fruits. These fibres are made with indigestible compounds, it helps to maintain healthy digestive system. To keep our bowel movements regular it is essential to have fibre in our diet. When you start to intake dietary fibre after taking it in little quantity itself, it helps to make you feel fuller, thus fibres have strong satiety value. On regular consumption of dietary fibre in your diet they help to lower the blood sugar level and also help to lower the LDL level in blood. On proper intake of this amazing fibre in your diet, you can stay prevented from the onset of diabetes, cardiac diseases, bowel disorders and cholesterol.  Not only this it is found in a recent research study that regular dietary fibre intake helps to reduce the brain inflammation on aging.

Do you know how fibre gets digested in our body? Fibre  on soluble form when ingested, it pass in to the small intestine, there it remains unchanged and once it reaches the colon or large intestine, there water from these food substance is absorbed and also fibre gets fermented on here.  The main advantage of eating this dietary fibre is it helps to prevent the raise in blood sugar at faster rate, thus it is a wonder food for diabetic people.

Eating fibre also helps to lower the weight; it helps to lower the hunger pangs, gives a feeling of fullness after taking it on a smaller quantity itself.  Thus craving for food is prevented and thus fecal bulk is also increased on taking a fibre rich diet, thereby it helps to avoid in gaining of weight. Thus it act in body to burn fat and thus helps to lower the weight.

Let’s now come to the role of fibre in lowering the inflammation on aging, ones you get older the immune cells on brain starts to get inflamed, at certain point there seems severe chronic inflammation of it. During that time there will be chemical production seen on brain, which lowers the motor function and cognitive power of brain. This is the primary reason why old age people have fade on memory and also decline on the brain function. But the new research on dietary fibre helps to counter this effect.

The recent finding in the research study says that dietary fibre helps to increase the growth of good bacteria on our gut. These bacteria start to digest the fibre, during that time there will be production of short chain fatty acids known as SCFAs, it includes butyrate which is a by-product. Butyrate possess the anti-inflammatory properties on the immune cells on brain, the immune cells on brain is referred as microglia. This butyrate compound helps to improve memory power on mice, this is found in a recent research and said by Rodney Johnson, he is a professor cum head of department of Animal sciences on U of I.

The recent study says that on aged mice butyrate compound helps to inhibit the production of harmful chemicals on immune cells of brain. One such chemical compound is interleukin-1; this chemical is related with Alzheimer’s disease on human being. Sodium butyrate has similar effect; also researchers are thinking in an angle of giving higher dosage of dietary fibre to mice and get the same effect. Sodium butyrate cannot be consumed directly as such form, since it contains noxious odor, the only possible way is to take a diet rich in soluble fibre, by doing so butyrate level can be increased and you can lower the inflammation on brain cells during aging process.

The bacteria found in gut naturally helps to convert it into butyrate, that the reason it is advised to take dietary fibre regularly.  This fibre when taken in higher quantity, it helps to increase the good bacteria in gut, thus good composition and function of these microbes on gut are obtained through taking high fibre diet, wherelse high fat or high protein diet on the other hand lowers the level of good bacteria on intestine and also it decrease the composition and function of microbes on gut region.

The study still now found only that butyrate obtained from dietary fibre in food form only has this brain protecting effects; still they have not done on a drug form of butyrate, that also can be effective in lowering the inflammation on brain. So such studies are yet to be carried on future that would really be beneficial to the existing lifestyle.

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