Different ways to use Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) also called as winter cherry or Indian ginseng is a very useful herb which works as a tonic and sedative effects. It has adaptogenic effects as well which will be discussed in depth in this complete article.

Ashwagandha is completely in to the Indian system and its been used since ancient times.

We normally get confused between the way of using this for different purpose. Hope this article clears your confusion.


Ashwagandha in literal terms means horse smell. Its root smell resembles to that of a horse and that’s how the name has been derived! If we go into Ayurveda basics, ashwagandha is called as sattvik kapha rasayana.

Let’s split the words, what does sattvik kapha rasayana means?

It means path of rasa.Rasayana are substances which helps in slowing down the aging process.

Medicinal properties:-

It works as a medicinal herb. It helps in rejuvenating the body.

It works in reducing the arthritis pain, inflammation of joints and to some extent epilepsy also.

It also has anti inflammatory properties where it is used in a paste form to reduce the swelling. Bark of the plant is taken to reduce the bed sores because of its anti inflammatory properties.

It works as an adaptogen which adapts to the human body easily.

Chemical constituents:-

Withanine and Choline along with lactones are alkaloids which are responsible for the therapeutic actions.

Here are different ways to use ashwagandha!

This has pharmacotherapeutic and pharmacodynamic properties.

This is bitter in taste which cannot be consumed in raw form, it can be used for application properties as well.

Ashwagandha powder can be used in different combinations which will be discussed in the article ahead.


(1).It can be used as a face cleanser

  • 1 tsp of ashwagandha powder + 1 tsp of besan + few drops of lime or lemon juice.
  • Apply on face.
  • Wash it with cold water.
  • Works as a face cleanser.
  • Removes impurities from the face.

(2).It can be used for fighting acne

  • ½ tsp of ashwagandha powder + 1 tsp of aloe vera gel + ¼ tsp of neem powder + ¼ tsp of turmeric powder.
  • Mix all the ingredients.
  • Apply it on the face.
  • Let it try.
  • Wash it with cold water.
  • It helps in fighting acne.

(3).It can be used as facial tonic

  • ½ tsp of ashwagandha powder + ½ tsp of dry ginger powder + ½ tsp of lemon juice.
  • Apply it on your face.
  • Let it stay and dry for 15 minutes.
  • Wash it with cold water.
  • Anti inflammatory properties of ashwagandha works as a toner.

 (4). Enema

  • Ashwagandha powder enema also helps in enema for colitis patients.

  (5).Well being tonic

  • 1 cup cow or almond milk + 1 tsp of fresh cow ghee + 1 ts of grated coconut + 1 tsp of chopped pitted seedless dates + 2 tsp of chopped almonds + ½ tsp of saffron (kesar) + 1 tsp of cardamom (elaichi) powder or fennel seeds powder + 1 tsp raw honey + 1 tsp of ashwagandha root powder + 1 tsp of shatavari root powder.
  • Boil it completely and serve.
  • Tonic is ready.
  • Ashwagandha and shatavari combination works as a wonder tonic.

(6).Mind relaxing tea

  • Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera).
  • Brahmi (Centella asiatica).
  • Shankhpushpi ( Convolulus pluricaulis).
  • Saunf.
  • Mix all the ingredients together in 1 liter of water.
  • Reduce this 1 liter of water to half liter of water.
  • Use this as a mind relaxing tea right before going to back.
  • You can also take it 2 times a day.

(7).Ashwagandha snacks

  • Ingredients which can be used: Wheat flour + Ghee + Gum + Ashwagandha powder can be combined together to make different snacks like pasta, noodles.

(8).Ashwagandha Shrikhand

  • This can be used as an Indian desert.
  • This is a very common dish which is used in Maharashtra.
  • Ingredients used for the recipe :- 3 cups of curd + ½ cup of sugar + 3 tbsp of ashwagandha powder + 1 tsp of cardamom powder + ½ tsp of nutmeg + Almonds used for garnishing.
  • Drain off the water from the curd.
  • You get the hung curd after draining it off.
  • Divide it into different portions and add the other ingredients as mentioned.
  • You can garnish with other nuts as well.
  • This shrikhand has a therapeutic value as well.

(9).Ashwagandha Ghee

  • This is used as a decoction for cough treatment in kids.
  • You can mix 1 tsp of ashwagandha in the ghee.
  • It helps in improving the muscle tone and research also proves that it helps in improving female fertility!

(10).Ashwagandha Churna

  • This churna is used as a decoction for better digestion.
  • Take 1 tsp Ashwagandha powder + 1 tsp of jaggery powder + 1 tbsp of kashaya (Ashwagandha decoction).
  • Take the ingredients in 1:1 ratio.

How to make this decoction?

  • Add ashwagandha powder 16 times in water and soak it in water for three to four hours.
  • Boil it for an hour and reduce the decoction to half.
  • Dissolve the jaggery in the decoction.
  • Boil the solution till it becomes solid and remove any foreign particles.
  • Add fine powder of ashwagandha and stir it carefully.

These are few remedies which can give you complete benefits of ashwagandha!

Make sure you make complete use of it!

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