Discovering your constitution- Kapha, Pitta, Vata dosha

Since ancient times, food has been an integral part of human beings life and evolution. Ayurveda has been playing a very important role when it comes to nutrition. Our body constitution depends on Kapha, Pitta, Vata dosha. This will be covered in detail as we go further.

Lets have a look at ten principles about our diet from Ayurvedic perspective!

(1) Food should be easy to digest.

(2) Food should be thoroughly cooked.

(3) Food should be immediately consumed once cooked.

(4) Food should be eaten empty stomach after your last meal has been digested. Do not eat before the last meal is digested.

(5) Food combinations should not contradict each other.

(6) Eat your food in a very pleasant surrounding which will help you in enjoying your meal.

(7) Do not eat in any rush, take your time- chew your food properly.

(8) Do not club eating with any other activity.Concentrate on eating.

(9) Please focus while you are eating your food.

(10) Eat food to nourish your body.

These were the principles!


Now lets cover each constitution separately- VATA, PITTA, KAPHA DOSHA.


  • Thin body
  • Thin as a child
  • Thin, Light bones
  • Difficult to gain weight
  • Small body
  • Active
  • Eyes: Dark
  • Dry Skin, it chops off easily
  • Dark complexion
  • Dark hair
  • Rough hair quality
  • Preference towards warm climate, loves moisture
  • Variable appetite
  • Creative thinking
  • Doesn’t like to follow any routine
  • Mostly physically active
  • Irregular bowel movements
  • Constipation is high
  • Irregular digestion
  • Likes to exercise which works as a stress buster
  • Changing mind is very common
  • Habit of getting anxious is common
  • Remembering dreams is rare
  • Habit of snacking
  • Habit of nibbling
  • Nervous system disorders are common
  • Sleep is usually light- called as a light sleeper
  • Mood changes frequently
  • Little perspiration while writing.
  • Variable thirst
  • Low pulse



  • Medium body constitution
  • Medium build during childhood
  • Easy to loose weight as compared to Vata and Kapha Dosha
  • Light green/Grey/Amber coloured eyes
  • Usually oily skin
  • Usually oily hair
  • Mostly fair skin
  • Gets sunburn very easily
  • Prefers cool, well ventilated places than being in a hotter environment
  • Cannot tolerate hunger, needs food immediately
  • Easy bowel movements
  • Regular bowel movements
  • Mostly good digestion with sometimes sticky stools
  • Likes to be pre planned with the routine
  • Mostly leads a leading-leader types life
  • Enjoys physical activity
  • Likes to be very competitive
  • Workout works as a stress buster
  • Strong opinion personality
  • Anger is normally seen during inability issues
  • Usually sleeps well
  • Like high protein food more often
  • Sexual drive is high
  • Usually thirst is high
  • Strong pulse
  • Warm hands usually
  • Usually thirst is high
  • Good circulation
  • Perspiration is high
  • Nails are flexible



  • Amples up in build
  • Plump body
  • Bones are heavy
  • Gains weight easily
  • Difficult to loose weight
  • Attractive eyes
  • Thick eyelashes
  • Thick skin
  • Lubricated skin
  • Skin tans slowly
  • Climate tolerance is okay
  • Thick wavy hair, oil hair
  • Appetite is okay
  • Digestion is okay, might be little slow
  • Follows routine well
  • Leisure activities preferred
  • Loves to exercise
  • Change of opinions is ver common
  • Tend to avoid difficult situations
  • Loves to eat fatty foods
  • Money is easy to save
  • Excess fluid retention is common.
  • Thick nails
  • Moderate perspiration
  • Thirst is rare


You might have many symptoms in common out of the 3 doshas.

Whichever shows more points, that dosha is dominant for you followed by the other doshas.

It is very important to keep all the doshas well balanced.


Lets cover the points where we can understand about different points to balance the dosha which is dominant!

How to balance Vata dosha?

  • Try and keep warm
  • Try to choose spices which gives you warming effect.
  • Avoid extreme cold foods or any frozen foods.
  • Raw foods should be minimised.
  • Avoid cruciferous vegetables
  • Always prefer warm food
  • Choose well moist food
  • Prefer hot soup, hot drinks, butter or ghee on the top can be preferred
  • You can choose between sweet and sour foods
  • Keep it to regular routine and try to follow it as much as possible
  • Try to be in the save environment


How to balance Pitta dosha?

  • Try and keep cool
  • Avoid excess heat
  • Avoid excess humidity
  • Avoid excess steam
  • Avoid excess oil
  • Avoid excess fried foods
  • Avoid excess caffeine
  • Avoid excess heat and alcohol
  • Avoid hot spices
  • Try to have fresh fruits and vegetables
  • You can have enough dairy products
  • Prefer more whole grains
  • Get plenty of fresh air and prefer fresh environment
  • Trust your feeling completely

How to balance Kapha dosha?

  • Indulge into physical activities.
  • Consume less fats or reduce the consumption of fats.
  • Avoid extremely cold foods.
  • Avoid sweets.
  • Keep a tab on your fluid consumption.
  • You can try having bitter, sour foods.
  • Add fresh vegetables , herbs, spices in your routine.
  • Get enough complex carbohydrates in your diet and try to manage your energy intake through that.
  • Allow different challenges in your routine.
  • Low fat diet would be a great thing to try and go for.
  • No dairy or wheat should be preferred.

Stay Fit.

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