Do you know all about antioxidants?

A few days back when I was traveling through metro, there was a lady with luster hair and beautiful glowing skin. I was thinking, while the hot humid weather is looming around the corner how she is maintaining such a glow skin? Looking at her it seemed that the pollution, heat, ultraviolet rays, humidity didn’t really matter to cause a harm to her skin or hair. Also, she looked perfectly fine in terms of her health.

I believe most of my readers in similar or the other way has adorned such facts in life. But besides adoring don’t you want the same glow skin and lustrous hair to flaunt? Yes, I know your shout out will be yes. But them some of you will be raising your voice about those luxury parlors as well as those health centers. Yes, booking appointments over such luxury health centers or even parlors may help you to fetch a good health and skin for a few days. But what about the long run? Don’t you want some remedy easily available, will not be heavy in your pocket and also will help you to sustain a healthy glow skin and hair and health over time?

Hence in this artifact, I am going to share all the importance of this and how it has the power to scavenge all the problems.

What are antioxidants?

In simple and general words antioxidants are those substances which eventually prohibits as well as prevents some major disorders and diseases. Antioxidants are those substances that reduce the oxidation process which adversely damages our cells through free radicals. Hence some well-known example of antioxidants may include enzymes, vitamins, and other nutrients.

Functions of antioxidants

Scavenging free radicals:

This specially scavenges the free radicals which have the potential to cause various health hazards. Most of the deep-fried, as well as fast foods, contains free radicals which undergo oxidation causing lifestyle disorders to cancer. Not only antioxidants scavenge them it also slows down the oxidation rate.

Diminishing cell age:

The rapid aging of the process is due to oxidation. Obviously, oxidation involves the action of free fat molecules. And here antioxidants show its magical procedures. Consuming antioxidants for an extended period makes you look younger than ever. Even you can perfectly fit into the old ripped jean that you totally worshiped when you were in college.

Antioxidants and stress:

Most of the time with free radical’s toxic products tend to accumulate in our body. This is when we feel depressed. Just know one thing each and every procedure are interrelated. Hence antioxidants help to detoxify our body and diminish the stress level.

The other functioning of this includes boosting the immune system, help in scavenging memory, heart, eyes problems and mood disorders. For healthy glow skin, you may not trust those luxury processes but antioxidants will never disappoint you.

Few examples of antioxidants: All types of green vegetables, fresh fruits, fish oil, whole grains, nuts etc. Now it’s your time to choose whatever is right for you and your family. Eat healthily, stay healthy.

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