Give a life Donate Organ, Let the world see through your eyes..

Because there are many who wish to live a life like you… Donate Organ

Have you ever thought, after our life, our bodies will be burnt till ash and all the fair and dark skin will diminish in the fire with flame? No one can take the belongings along to the third world (the world afterlife).  Every materialistic object will stay on earth and the soul will be gone somewhere in the heaven.

Be fearless be free, enjoy every moment. Thank the God for everything you have because there are people who can only wish a life like you. Grateful to everyone in your life, give back the love they deserve. Because they are people who just wish to live a life like you.

Why not do something when you are alive, fulfill the dreams of someone who desires. What if your eyes are alive in someone else’s body? Yes, you heard it right. Donate your organs not only eyes but other organs as well. There are many people living in hope to live a life with the fully functioning body.

Why should you show interest in Organ donating?

A friend in need is a friend indeed

Be a reason for someone’s else smile, simply donate your organs. Within 24 hours of death, organs should be transplanted. There are many people dying worldwide due to not having proper treatment or due to organ failure.

Save life and make a chain

An organ transplant can save lives. Spread the message and motivate others to join the chain increase the number of donor’s. Example: if you have signed the petition to donate organs then share the same with your 8 friends or more, those 8 friends will share the same with next 8 friends and this will make a chain. It’s not only you who is changing for good you can make the society do the same.

It does not include any cost

To be an organ donor no cost is involved. It is a personal choice to save someone else’s life. If you will ask me I would say everyone should take a pledge to donate their organs. It will cost you nothing but yes a life to someone. Donate an organ is equals to give a life to a homeless person.  I myself have signed a petition as an organ donor.
It’s more than a pride for you and your family. You can simply click and sign the petition.

In true manners, you will be remembered after death. Because you don’t need to be a doctor to save a life.

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