Wounds are very commonly occurring one, every one of us have wounds in our body. What we discuss in this segment today is, when some cuts and wounds happen even in minor level, don’t leave it as such; please take immediate medical attention to it. Use an antibiotic solution to prevent from further complications and in required cases please put a TT injection.  All this could really be your life savers. You may think it might not be required but you should give first priority to prevent from septic on skin. Normally in our human body self healing is happened after an injury that process is called as wound healing. In some cases our body doesn’t respond to this mechanism, since the germs which invade the skins penetrate deeply on skin that could cause injury to the tissue and even make the organ to failure and why it has the power to take away your life.

In US one small body riding on bike fell down on road, he had wound that is deeper, but his mom just ignored it would be minor wound only and she doesn’t pay attention to it, then later after few days she noticed that his son’s leg turns to discoloration with high swelling in it. Then she took her son to hospital and there they taken treatment, but it was gone worsen that time. Doctor said it is very severe and the flesh eating bacteria entered the skin and accompanied throughout the body, caused organ failure, tissue injury and then it took away his life. See how that wounds infection leads to fatal of that boy.


Within one hour of the wounds infection itself this deadly bacteria can cause severe complications in body and resulting in death of a person. When this germ enters human body, that will multiple and cause gangrene and tissue death, finally you may need to opt for amputation of the organ. On a cut surface of skin or on the bite of insect on the skin region this deadly flesh eating bacteria invade the skin and there it starts to multiply and sucks the flesh of a person. Surgery is highly recommended in these cases.

These flesh eating bacteria enters the skin and gets energized by taking the protein from the skin and it starts eating the tissues gradually and thus tissue death occurs suddenly. This condition is termed as necrotizing fasciitis, where multiple organs may get failure and finally causing death. These flesh eating bacteria spreads very rapidly and cause serious infections on skin. This condition at the first initial stage may look similar to cellulitis, but then become very complicated. Diagnosing of this condition can be made through MRI or surgical exploration.  Treatment for this condition will be immediate surgery along with higher doses of antibiotics are advised by the physician.

The symptoms of this necrotizing fasciitis will be the tissue will get dead and that to visibly you can see it, the breaks on skin will be formed and develops to opening of the wounds deeper in the skin leading to high fever. That may worsen and lead to multiple organ failure at a few moment itself. Then imagine how those deadly bacteria would be stronger enough to destroy the skin, organ and life. It is really a life threatening condition, needs immediate attention. These are streptococcal infection, that can affect the skin, gastrointestinal tract, respiratory system and finally RBC is also gets fully affected with this deadly bacteria.


Preventive measures for wounds and cuts

  • Care on wounds, with proper hygienic practice.
  • The open wounds to be covered with band-aid, it should be cleaned properly to avoid infection.
  • Use of antiseptic lotion/ solution /cream is highly advised immediately after getting cuts,wounds or scrape on skin.
  • Don’t ignore even if the size of wounds is smaller.
  • Breaks on skin also needs proper first aid.
  • So first of all first aid kit at your home is compulsory, that could save your life and prevent further skin complications.
  • Try to wash your hands and legs frequently to avoid microbes getting entered in your body.
  • Put TT injection immediately if you fell down or hit somewhere.
  • Prevention of this condition completely cannot be done, only you can reduce the risk condition. So that may not be worse.


  • Surgery is advised, thereby to take away those affected tissues which are highly infected.
  • Intravenous antibiotics are given immediately.
  • Amputation of the affected region is must, in order to save the other organs of the human body.

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