Home remedies tried out at home are effective and has a good treating effect on several ailments, not only on medical ailments, it’s used widely in beauty and in cookery too. Home remedies given below are very easy to follow and these home remedies are practiced using the easily available items in your kitchen, medicine box or in beauty accessories. They tend to remain as an alternative way and the simplest method to get clear from any of the issues. Whether its beauty enrichment or health-related all can be treated well using this wonderful home remedies.

Home remedies for cracks, heels in legs and feet

Take little castor oil, turmeric powder in a bowl and mix well. Now you can apply this to legs and leave it overnight, then in the morning wash it with cold water. It is an easier way and best way to heal the cuts, cracks, and wounds.

Home remedies

Home remedies to get rid of pimples & get fairer skin

Take Bengal gram flour, turmeric powder, lemon juice and curd in a bowl, now mix it well and then put this face pack on face and neck, allow it to dry it nicely. Then you can wash with water. This is the simpler way to get rid of pimples and make your skin look fairer.

Home remedies to prevent blackheads, black spots and pimples away

Add garlic to milk and allow it to boil well nicely, till the essence of garlic get into the milk and stir well continuously. Remove from fire; you can now apply it on that area. For good results apply weekly twice or thrice and then wash it with water.

Home remedies

Home remedies to treat pigmentation in hands, feet and neck

Soak the fenugreek seeds in water overnight. In the next day morning, grind fenugreek seeds well, to it add curd and now you can apply this on face, hands and neck region. These areas are pigmentation occurring regions, when you use this pack continuously on the affected region of darkness and pigmentation, then it will get reduced and go away, also you can a fair glowing complexion easily at home.

Home remedies to reduce pimples and blackheads easily

Take apple juice, to it add sandal powder, multanimatti powder (fuller’s earth powder), and carrot juice and mix well, use this mixture as a face pack and apply it on face when you have more pimples and blackheads, it will reduce the pimple formation and blackheads, thereby giving an improved complexion to your face.

Home remedies to prevent and treat skin diseases

Take a tablespoon of salt and add to the water, now mix this well, after the salt get’s dissolved in water, take a bath in this salt water. On the continuous usage of this remedy, your skin care issue will soon get disappear. Only for the body this salt water to be used, not in the head region.

Home remedies to increase shining, glowing and fairness to face region

Take milk fat, turmeric powder in a small bowl, mix well and now you can apply this on face thoroughly, let it be on the face for twenty minutes, now you can wash with cold water.

Home remedies to lengthen hair and blacken it

Take one big size of gooseberry, then allow to dry well, then soak on coconut oil, afterward you can apply it directly on hair, it will make hair lengthy and also makes it look blacker.

Home remedies to increase blood circulation

  • Take beetroot and grind it with milk and then strain the extract and drink the beetroot juice, it will help to increase the blood circulation.
  • Drink date syrup regularly and then your blood circulation will get increased in level.
  • Daily try to include one green leafy vegetable in your diet, so that the iron content get’s increased in blood and blood circulation will also get’s increased.

Home remedies to reduce pimples, blemishes and pigmentation

Home remedies

Take apple juice, pineapple juice, sandal powder, pomegranate juice and rose water in a bowl. First you can cleanse the skin with pineapple juice little by massaging the skin gently and then take the pomegranate and grind it coarsely, then scrub it nicely on the skin over a particular area. Wipe with cold water, then take sandal powder, apple juice, pineapple juice, rose water and mix well. Put it as a face pack or body pack, allow drying and then wiping it well using a wet cloth or wash it with cold water and then on doing it regularly it will reduce the blemishes and cures the skin pigmentation, thus making skin fairer, free from patches on skin too.

There are a lot’s of home remedies you get nowadays, but I hope these home remedy methods will do wonder to you, instead of wasting money on costlier creams and approaching expensive beauty parlors, let’s try out this simple home remedies and get benefit out.

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