Very effective home remedies for irregular periods

You must have heard about menstrual problems in women between the ages of 14 and 50 years. There may be many reasons for irregular menstruation, including hormonal disorder, adulteration, lifestyle changes and medicinal effects.

When any woman starts having periods only one time in two months or more or three times a month, then it means that she is suffering from the problem of irregular periods. This is a very serious health problem for that woman. Due to this problem, newly married girls may face problem in future to get pregnant. Apart from this, many other health-related problems can be seen. One should get rid of this problem as soon as possible and should be given natural treatment. Home remedies are considered very good to deal with this irregular periods problem.

One thing that has to be kept in mind is that you must identify cause behind this problem. There may be several reasons for irregular periods such as not taking nutritious diet, excessive consumption of junk food, smoking, alcohol, stress, weight gain or incidence, chemotherapy, childbirth, abortion or breastfeeding etc. Let’s know how home remedies can help to cure this serious problem.

Home Remedies for Irregular Periods

  • Spicy and warm foods, fast food, canned foods and any other junk food are to be avoided due to lack of nutrients. A balanced & nutritious diet should be eaten. Eat fruits, cereals, vegetables, meats, pulses & dairy products.
  • In spite of losing weight, even if you give up breakfast or a timed meal, the Periods will be affected. You must have three-time meal per day.
  • Drink coriander or fennel seeds once a day. These ingredients should be soaked in the water throughout the night and should be eaten by filtering the water in the morning.
  • Soak the Neem bark in water at night. On the second day, scrub the bark with water and drink this water 3 to 4 times in a day. Periods will take place on time.
  • You can cure the irregular periods by drinking carrots and goat juice. Drink their juice for three months every day and take advantage.
  • You can drink lemon juice with cinnamon powder added to it and drink it daily.
  • Take a spoonful of sesame (Benne) powder twice a day.
  • You can eat at home by making such a salad, which contains 2 teaspoons soaked fenugreek.
  • Drink buttermilk in the day; mix the water in it too.
  • Grape juice can also regulate period. Drink raw papaya and aloe Vera juice.
  • Grind dry grams of pomegranate and filter it. When periods are coming in full flow then consuming it will be beneficial.
  • Boil 2 grams of coriander in 200 grams of water. When the water is 50 grams, then filter it and drink it with the Mishri. This prevents heavy bleeding during menstruation.
  • Eating Mixture of indigenous sugar, coriander powder, and ghee, stops bleeding. Taking Coriander powder with rice water will stop excess bleeding during periods.
  • In the Jaggery mix sesame seeds and cumin powder. Eating this mixture will help during regular menstrual periods.
  • Take a pinch of honey, lemon and cinnamon powder in the lukewarm water, the periods come quickly.
  • Mix two small pieces of saffron in hot milk and drink it also benefits in periods.
  • To eliminate menstrual irregularities, grind mustard grains. Now eat this small mustard powder with diet at the time of eating.
  • Some postures of yoga in irregular menstruation are also very beneficial – Chakrasan, Sarvarganjan, Bhujangasan.

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