Effects Of Music On Health

Music is the first thing we go to, whenever you are free, or busy, or happy, or sad. No matter what your mood is, music is the only constant thing. The type of the music you hear may vary according to your mood, for sure. Music is an art. It fills you with pleasure and can reach your soul. It can do what nothing else can do. It can make you forget your pain, and lead you to another world. Playing a kind of music involves every part of our brain.

Now, it is important to keep in mind that the music, which is too jarring can to the opposite of soothing. The music, which is too loud can further disturb your mind, instead of easing, and relaxing. Not every kind of the music can give you the feeling of relaxation. Each, and every culture in the world, whether it is the most advanced, or the most primitive, makes music. Music has always been a part of the human culture. Such an important attribute of the human race has some favorable effects on the human body. The humans can clearly distinguish between noise and music. The music is what calms the mind.

There are several mental and physical benefits of the music on health. Some of which are as follows:

  1. Pain reliever. Music acts as a pain reliever for the body. It helps in the reduction of the sensation of the different kinds of pain. Listening to music release the endorphin’s in the body, which helps in the reduction of the sensation of the pain.
  1. Blood pressure control. Classical, or any slow music helps in the reduction of the blood pressure. Listening to the slow music slows down the breathing rate. Regularly listening to such music can help in controlling your hypertension.
  1. Heart health. Music is good for the heart health. The tempo and the pace of the music can help in relaxing your heart, and mind. Listening to slow music slows down your breathing and heartbeat rate while listening to fast pace music can increase your breathing, and heartbeat rate.
  1. Post-stroke recovery. Music can speed up the recovery process, after the strokes. Whether it be classical, or jazz, or pop, any kind of your favorite music can help you recover faster from the stroke.
  1. Immunity Booster. Music can boost up your immunity, and protect you from diseases. A certain type of music can create a sense of emotional experience, which can lead to the production of the hormones that boost up your immune power.
  1. Post-partum recovery. Giving birth requires a lot of strength and energy. Women, who recently gave birth can suffer from post-partum stress and depression. Listening to music during this time can reduce the chances of suffering from such depression, and stress.
  1. IQ enhancer. Yes, music enhances your IQ. Playing an instrument, and listening to music can help you to improve your concentration power, your learning capability, and your reading, and writing skills. It also increases your emotional intelligence and your memory.

There you go. It’s time to start playing your musical instrument, or you can just sit back and let the music do its magic.

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Heena Joon

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