Piles is termed as hemorrhoids, hemorrhoids means the veins which surrounds the anus and inner region of rectum when get’s enlarged, there will be discomfort on anus and rectum causing bleeding. It results in lots of stress to the affected person with piles on both physically and mentally. We all really wonder how piles can be seen in children’s, yes it can occur among kids too. We should change our mind to the extent that hemorrhoids or piles can occur at all age groups and not only on adults. When the enlargement on vein region of anus may further lead to swollen and causing red bulges, that may further lead to blood on stools, there will be itching, discomfort and also for trying to go motion, the person feels difficulty and causes pain in anal region.

Causes of hemorrhoids in kids

  • When they start sitting on harder surfaces for prolonged period of time, which will result in piles.
  • Those children who continuously sit in classroom, especially those kids who sit on stools made up of wood.
  • A faulty diet will result in constipation and digestive disorders on kids. That may further worsen and lead to the cause of piles.
  • Make kids to play actively not only on inside home region, also on outside.
  • Instead of sitting in wooden stools at home, they can sit on jumper at schools.
  • When the kids diet is lack with water and fiber, which can cause constipation, which further leads to the formation of piles on them.
  • Whenever they feel like going motion, make them to go for motion, don’t delay it, delaying motion in kids can worsen the piles condition.
  • Prolonged crying of kid causes increase of blood that too in a rush to pelvic region, that further causes blood statement on veins of anus and rectum.
  • Inflammation in colon.
  • Tumor of the colon region.
  • When large intestine get’s infected.
  • When the physical activity in the children is reduced that can cause the child to develop hemorrhoids.

Symptoms of piles in kids

  • Bleeding will be there after stools passing.
  • Anus region will be too itchy.
  • After passing stools, there will be mucus discharge seen.
  • Soreness on anus.
  • Redness on anal region.
  • Swelling seen surrounding anus.
  • Pain will be there that can be mild or severe.
  • This piles when occurs under 3 years it is of non-symptomatic, mostly not noticed, later on only noticed and taken appropriate treatment.
  • Body temperature will be increased.
  • Protrusion on anus region.

Whom to contact during piles in your kid

You may always choose a best pediatitian, then your choice should be paediatric gastroenterologist to analyse the root cause and do proper treatment in piles.

Treatment of hemorrhoids in kids

Doctor will calculate the dosage level of drugs based on the weight and age of kid. If any other drug is there at pharmacy there will be clear indication of dosage instruction in it in order to treat piles. Also possible side effects of using certain drugs are clearly mentioned in it. In severe case surgery is advised by your doctor. Surgery is advised by your paediatric gastroenterologist when the piles occur by hereditary way. That is the best option in those cases.

Certain home treatment like applying baby creams helps to get rid of itching, swelling and also thereby it helps to lower the bleeding on rectum. The baby cream applied externally on anus region should contain compounds like vitamin-E, Panthenol, vitamin-A and cocoa butter.

If your child have hemorrhoids then you can try to make them bath in decoction of certain herbs, that really helps to reduce the symptoms of piles and gives little comfort on usage. Herbs like succession, calendula, oak bark and chamomile are highly recommended for this purpose.

You can make the child to take steam bath with chamomile for this you need to prepare hot water then put the chamomile in it, afterwards close it for five minutes with a lid, then you can use that water. Simply pour it in a pan and make the anus region of your kid to soak in it for few minutes, like wise you may do this remedy for twice a day. In a week you shall try this to your child on five days continuously, then you shall see improvement in your kid.

Try to use vishnevsky ointment for external hemorrhoids, it gives good warmness and also has good regenerative effects.

I hope this article will definitely be useful to everyone who read it and please pass on the information, let everyone get aware of it and lead a healthy life. You can rate this content by giving your valuable feedback and share it among your friends and family members.

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