What are the Emergency Therapies in Heart Diseases?

Heart disease is the disease associated with heart and its blood vessels, these heart diseases arise due to faulty food habits, chewing tobacco, intake of alcohol, lack of physical activity, over weight and uncontrolled diabetes may even lead to heart diseases. All these diseases are a cycle of occurrence and they are interrelated, so when a person is obese which can lead to diabetes that can lead to kidney diseases also heart problems, which when not controlled that can even lead to stroke. So it’s a chain reaction and we have to try to prevent the occurrence of other disorders that are interrelated by following regular diet with proper medication and physical activity. Heart disease was of different types they are tachycardia, angina pectoris, rheumatic heart disease, Stokes – Adams syndrome and myocardial infarction. Let us discuss about it and their treatment methods detail on below.

1.Angina pectoris

Chest pain is referred as angina pectoris. The pain will start from the chest region to neck, left side arm or in the upper abdomen area. During that time the person who encounters this pain will have sweat over his face throughout and pale in color. Breathing will be less, these were the symptoms arise for angina pectoris patients.

What are the treatments to be done?

-To sit down

-Make the person to lie down comfortably

-When the patient gets the symptoms of angina pectoris and the pain starts that time immediately nitroglycerin tablet to be kept under the tongue of the patient.

eyogguroo2.Acute myocardial infarction

Paleness on the face, more of sweat, pain in the chest, increase or decrease in the pulse rate. The person may become unconscious and then which can even lead to death, yes it is such a dangerous disease which occurs immediately when necessary steps are not taken at the right time.

What mode of treatment can be done?

-Make the person to lie down

-Warmness to be given

-The patient to be advised and keep his mind in a calm way.

-Amyl nitrite inhalation or nitroglycerin tablet can be kept under the tongue of the patient and then immediately he has to be hospitalized.

-Artificial respiration is must to be done; dioxin 1 mg tablet can be given that time to ease from the symptoms.

eyogguroo3.Strokes Adam’s syndrome

In this stage the patient loses his consciousness and the pulse rate will be too low generally less than 40/minute. This stroke Adams syndrome arises because of the block in the heart.


The patient is made to lie down calmly and taken immediately to hospital and given oxygen supply as earlier as possible.

eyogguroo4.Rheumatic heart disease

Coughing with blood occurs (hemoptysis), pulse rate is very fast and irregular.

Treatment to be followed

Oxygen is given at the earlier, when hemoptysis occurs then morphine to be given intravenously.

5.Paroxysmal tachycardia

Heart beat of this patient will be generally very rapid and the patient feels faint and week.


Treatment to be done

-The patient is advised to drink water or make him to drink so that attack gets stops.

-One side of the neck of patient to be pressed with fingers and eyeballs also to be pressed.

-He should be made comfortably lie down on bed

-Try to convince the patient that this condition is only mild you will be alright nothing to worry, don’t feel and you will not dead.

-Digoxin tablet to be given

-Phenobarbitone at the level of 0.1 mg can be given to patient to bring the heartbeat even.


Heart diseases now a days can come with no age bar limits, all aged groups have the occurrence and people get shocked or not aware of what to do when you get a heart attack at first time, so hereafter hope that scaring won’t be there, above we had discussed on the emergency therapies on several heart diseases, so try on those steps also aspirin it’s a good medicine before taking the affected person to hospital this first aid medicine to be given its really a value worth medicine we can say for heart patients.


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