The poisonous substance either enter the body by ingestion, touching harmful chemical substance or by injecting certain drugs into the body. These hazardous substances which can cause damage to health or even life-threatening condition can be attained. These poisonous substances they ingest inside body to commit suicide and death.



The major symptoms of chemical poisoning are vomiting, nausea, headache, convulsions, abdominal pain, visual discomfort and finally death.



  • A large quantity of water is given inside to the affected person or make him induce vomiting by giving mustard mixed with one cup of warm water or by simply administering a white portion of egg to him, the other method is to make him vomit by giving him the universal antidote, thereby the poisonous substance comes outside the human body.
  • The stomach is made to empty immediately without delay to get remove the poison from the body.
  • When the person gets shocked then give him warmness and also provide him artificial respiration when requires.
  • If the poisoning is due to barbiturates, the symptoms are mental confusion, staggering gait, in coordination and drowsiness. If a very large dose is taken, the symptoms are pneumonia, respiratory paralysis, circulatory collapse and deep coma with cyanosis. In this case, injecting ephedrine sulphate (50g) is given ten hours once, also on a severe case one hour once picrotoxin injection to be administered, artificial respiration is most essential in this case because breathing difficulty happens. Intravenous fluids are given to the patient.
  • If the poison is due to organophosphorus compounds examples like malathion, parathion etc. The symptoms are diarrhea, sweating, constriction of pupils, difficulty in breathing, twitching of the muscles on face and neck, finally, death arises due to respiratory and circulatory failure.The immediate treatment is must it include intramuscular injection of 2 mg atropine sulphate every hour until the signs of normality appear.oxygen inhalation, artificial respiration is essential, universal antidote has to be given, also stomach wash is must to remove those poisonous substances from the human body.
  • If the poison is due to gas example carbon monoxide, then the victim is exposed to the gas, even in low concentration over a prolonged period of time leads to anoxemia (i.e.) lack of oxygen that can cause death. The symptoms of this case will be difficulty in breathing, skin turns cherry red in color, and then the victim has to take to the fresh air immediately without fail. The first and foremost thing to be done will be given artificial respiration; the victim has to give inhalation of 5 percentage of carbon dioxide in oxygen. The carbon dioxide stimulates respiration and facilitates the oxygen exchange in anoxic states.

Mostly these kinds of poisoning happen by accident or by purposely, giving immediate care and providing necessary steps to make the patient breathe properly. Don’t expect medical professions help earlier, most immediate first aid measures by known persons can save a person’s life.The other way is if you find some person with this poisoning condition immediately calls the emergency helpline in your local areas. Try to stay away from those hazardous substances from your home. If there any poisonous plants grown in your home unknowingly remove those outside. There are even some poisonous mushrooms which are not to be eaten, try avoiding those stuff.

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