Excess weight stimulates cancer proven

 What is cancer? From where does this start?

Our body is made up cells that cover and take care of each and every hormonal production, reduction and corrective changes that are required. Still there are certain things that stimulate various kinds of diseases that are never welcomed by us or it will never be too; one of those is Cancer-the killer! Surviving a cancer is the most difficult part in anyone’s life. The start of cancer happens from the cells. All cells are employed for various different works to be done yet there is a Cell Controlling Centre called the nucleus.

When cancer starts its work in the body it is called as mutations and these mutations take place when some of the cells get damaged or start to dysfunction. There may be reasons also like things coming from outside like smoking and chewing tobacco too.

How obesity indulges cancer growth in the body?

It is proved that food intake in today’s generation has caused many unheard diseases to take control of the body. Many heard diseases without any obstacle come into the body. It arise various other problems like lung infections, tuberculosis, cancers’ etc. The obesity and rapid uncontrolled increase in weight is the major problem for these cancers.

Most of the cancers are operated and increased due to various life styles people lead. They eat more and of varied varieties. High level of inflammation that takes place in the body cells and blood inform the other cells and duplication of those increase the intensity of cancerous cells in the body. Not alone obesity is responsible but busy life and disturbed schedule sad up various other complimentary problems like high blood sugar and high blood pressure.

There are some cancers that are associated with sexual hormones like the estrogen. Mostly cancer in women is seen only after the menopause as this estrogen is produced in the fat cells after this menopause take place. There is a direct relationship between the estrogen and fat the more you have any one of these on its own the other will increase. Many times it is observed that due to obesity there are fluids that flow in the body making it to turn into a disorder. Likewise insulin levels in the body increase because of which several kinds of cancers are seen on the body.

Which are the various cancers that enter in because of obesity?

 Studies have proven that being an obese or an overweight person is always dangerous as it leads to various kinds of disease& one of them is cancer! There are various cancers that may happen due to obesity like:

  • Endometrial cancer
  • Colorectal cancer
  • Esophageal cancer
  • Kidney& pancreatic cancer
  • Post-menopause women- The Breast cancer.
  • Colon & Rectum cancer

Fats are the most dangerous thing if formed in the body as they may seem as they are harmless. Yet they are as excess of its formation may cause trouble.Though it is curable but the pain is unbearable. Thus the lifestyle has added up to all things. Various food stuffs that we intake ha caused this at a higher pace.

Even though we feel and wish to lead a lavish life. Yet want a healthy one to it is very necessary for us to take care of in health. To avoid this dangerous life, change our habits and indulge the good ones!


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