Erring the Excitement Factor

Excitement, Eroticism, Erection have become the E factor of Entertainment.

Entertainment focuses on all this and the message given to the viewers is that excitement is an essential and untiring part of life. Without it life is immutable.

Effective evidence from the print and the news channels media shows that society is moving towards a pleasuristic world. Pain and pleasure are two sides of the same coin and two wheels of the same wagon but entertainment shows thrill and thunder in the pain and all have to be invaded and zenith achieved to meet the outlook. Women are impostered as arm candies and subjects of desire and they can be maneuvered for joy and happiness and men are animals who only seek eating, mating, sleeping and defending. Men use many tactics to achieve the same from face creams to deodorants to violence and veracity. Our complexion is genetic and no amount face creams can make you fair as claimed in the media. Celebrities use a variety of techniques from creams to hormones to surgery to achieve the best and ideal bodies and project younger and happier looks. All that appears on the screen is fake and false. Its all a creation of the mysterious world.It entangles and entwines the mind to believe the falsity. Once you believe it, you are dissatisfied with your reality which is way away from truth and lead unhappy lives or hook onto the radio and media to constantly have a dose of your mystery world, it perishes satisfaction and joy.

Emanations from the extravagance factor enervate entry into efficacious effervescence. People have a mania that there is a success in excess. People hoard things from clothes to cars to books and feel this will give them happiness. Hoarding foodstuff in your body leads to obesity which is a disease and in the same manner filling your house and office with things is also a disease which needs to be cured.Suffocation is an accepted scenario these days.It leads to negative vibrations in its vicinity and halts blessings from the universe. It divides your energies and as it is said United we stand and divided we fall and people who have it all are still found to be unhappy and in search of the E factor every moment of their life.In spite of it all, they are sad and depressed and unable to fathom the reason for their depression and anxiety. If this could bring lasting pleasure the richest men on earth would have been the happiest men on earth. Money cannot buy happiness. You derive happiness from satisfaction.Joy is derived from loving the way life is as it is, appreciating the sunrise, the blowing wind, the drops of rain, the flowers of spring, the snow of winter.

Behold your life as it is and lead a life away from this falsity. Accept the fact that life has both happiness and unhappiness, agreement and disagreement, sunshine and shade. We have to live in synchronization with this duality which even the GODS on earth could not live without and had to accept it be it, LORD Rama or Lord Krishna. Once you accept the facts and truth, you move beyond it, into the ethereal world of everlasting joy and away from this temporary pleasures.Advice people around you to live a life of simplicity away from these temporary material pleasures and move beyond it. Abate lust and passion for the surrounding world and move to a higher world of humanity from a world of animosity.

Love, compassion, prayer rule the other world. Enjoy the joy of giving and the joy of living with a meaning rather than living a materialistically driven life. Open your arms to changeability and watch your life bloom and blossom in the bosom of Mother Nature. Nature is the supreme factor for change. It beholds spring, summer, autumn, and winter where everything from trees to animals changes, change is a constant phenomenon. You will gradually be nurtured and nourished by nature and it will accept you with love and care to lead to permanent CURE. Morbidity and mortality have their cure in the bosom of nature and she cuddles and cradles her kids with love and tender care.

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Dr.Swati Dhawan

Swati is a Cosmic Quantum Holistic and Wellness Consultant and Trainer. She is the only medical professional in India who has encompassed the fundamentals of Medical Science with the Eastern Vedic Wisdom offering health in its truest sense and in its entire perspective-physical, intellectual, emotional, social, and spiritual as defined by the World Health Organisation. She has worked in the Healthcare Sector for many years. This exposure helped her to recognize, identify and acknowledge the diverse ethnicity and distinctive spirited environments existing in various companies and sectors. Looking at the varied ways of survival of people and evolution of humans going against the laws of nature and Darwinian Theories and her exposure to the yogic lifestyle, she consciously opted for a career in Training and Self Development. She started her journey in these arts and sciences as a part of personal development in childhood and curiosity and gradually started conducting workshops on Self Improvement, Emotional Management, Self Awareness, Clarity, Concentration, Strategic Thinking, Prevention and Rehabilitation of Cardiac and Lifestyle Disorders and Stress Management, Leadership, Managing Change, etc. She specialises in the areas of homoeopathy, yoga, reflexology, music therapy and colour therapy. Her Professional Qualifications are as follows: Post Graduate Diploma in Hospital & Health Care Management -2nd rank in Mumbai University Bachelor of Homoeopathic Medicine & Surgery -9th rank in Mumbai University Diploma in Yoga from Yoga Institute, Santacruz Diploma in Accupressure from Arya Samaj, Santacruz

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