Do these exercises to warm you up for your workout!

Exercise these days is gaining a lot of importance! There are a number of benefits of fitness and exercise. It is also said that doing exercises every day will keep you away from the hospital!

120 minutes of exercise a day is what is prescribed by the fitness society.

Your exercise should include all three forms of workout which are as follows:-

  • Cardio (Which includes walking, running, jogging, swimming etc)
  • Strength training (Which works on different muscles of your body)
  • Flexibility (Which includes different exercises which makes you flexible enough to carry out different functions of the body)

I have seen this in the gyms, that people are either focusing on one of the forms of exercise and starting their exercises without warm up.

It is very important to prepare your body for further intense workouts. Immediate start of workout might give a shock to the body. You should always warm up and then go ahead with the progression of exercises.

No warm-up might lead to severe fatigue and injury if the workout is not managed well.

It is very important to include these 8 warm-up exercises in your routine!

(1) Include dynamic to your warm-up routine

  • It is good to start with a dynamic routine and mix it up with other exercises as well.
  • Go ahead with some simple squats.
  • Then try out some lunges and then go ahead with your workout routine

(2) Include jumping sessions to your warm-up routine

  • If it is difficult for you to do squats, you can always try jumping before hitting your workout.
  • You can include skipping rope workouts, on spot jogging or even jumping jacks!
  • If it is the first time for you, you can always start with 5 minutes of jumping exercises and then increase the time progressively

(3) Dancing is the new warm up!

  • Sometimes, tuning to your favorite music and working out helps in giving you a little relaxation as well as a different mood to workout.
  • So next time, if other warm-up moves are boring for you then you can feel free to dance it out!

(4) You can balance it out too!

  • If your workout for the day includes some dumbbell exercises then you can always give a trailer to your body for the same.
  • You can try standing on one leg with a dumbbell in other or do a single leg squat with a dumbbell or even a lunge. Doing this progressively can give you the best effects on a relevant effect!
  • So, don’t forget to balance your deadlift well!

(5)  Stretch yourself well

  • Stretches make you flexible to do workouts better.
  • You can try touching your toes, do side stretches with additional weight
  • This will help you get accustomed to the workouts.

(6) Try some rotations

  • You can do some arm and leg rotations before starting with your workouts
  • Do progressive repetitions

(7) Include a different walk pattern!

  • You can try doing monster walks
  • Crab walks, frog jumps are few other options to go for.
  • You can tie a theraband or resistance band to your workout to give a better pressure.

Do not skip your warm up!

Save yourself from injury.

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Dr. Trishala Chopra

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