Neem is considered as super herb, it is also called by the name Indian lilac, neemba or Azadirachta indica. Before five thousand years of period itself neem is used in Ayurveda, by knowing its healing power. Neem is used is several items like medicines, pest controls, hair care products, lotions, beauty products and in insecticides. In simple it is called as tree of life. It contains more than hundreds of active biological compounds that posses the therapeutic properties and helps in healing. Neem oil can be obtained after extraction from the seeds of neem, if you taste it out, it will be bitter in taste, has a pungent smell, the smell will be like crushed garlic or like sulphur. The colour of neem oil is yellowish brown, greenish brown, shades of red in colour. The active ingredients present in this neem oil posses the healing property.

Compounds like vitamin-E, carotenoids, nimbidin, nimbin, oleic acid, linoleic acid, quercetin, vitamin-C and azadirachtin. In this the compound mainly azadirachtin is good insecticide. When all this active compounds compile together in neem oil, it gives to the oil anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, anti-pyretic and anti-bacterial properties, thus it acts as a wonder medicine.

Let us see now the benefit of using neem oil in detail below.

Hair loss

Hair loss

Dryness, itchy scalp, and dandruff all this can lead to hair loss. Premature greying is another important hair issue, for all this condition neem oil works excellently on your hair and gives wonderful remedy. Lice problem in the hair are majorly seen hair issues, the only solution to it is application of neem oil on your hair. If you experience hair loss issue, you can apply little neem oil to your favorite shampoos, and then shampoo your hair as usual way. Allow to remain this mixture on your hair for ten minutes then rinse off with water. For best results you can practice like above said way on alternate days, you will see the visible changes on your hair. Yes neem oil does real wonders to your hair. You can to scalp treatment intensively by combining one teaspoon of neem oil along with two teaspoon of either almond oil or coconut oil or emu oil. Emu oil is beneficial for treating hair loss issues. You may apply this oil mixture and leave it on your hair overnight or let it remain for few hours of time. You may do this at least weekly once, so that scalp get rejuvenated and thereby giving your hair silky and smooth texture, also clearing the hair problems mainly hair loss.


You can see that neem oil is used commonly in most anti-dandruff shampoos. Neem oil has the anti-bacterial, anti-fungal properties. Which helps in treating fungal and bacterial infections on hair? So if you experience hair issue like itchy scalp and dryness on scalp, it can be well treated by using neem oil. These infections only makes the dandruff to arise on scalp, the pH level of scalp to be restored, which can be obtained by using neem oil routinely on hair. By doing so dandruff problems can be eradicated completely from your hair. You can take 3 teaspoon of warm neem oil and massage it on the scalp well, and then you may wash your hair in after half an hour. For best results you can use cold pressed neem oil. If your scalp is highly sensitive you may combine neem oil along with any carrier oil like almond oil, coconut oil, moringa oil or emu oil. This moringa oil is a natural hair conditioner.

Frizzy Hair

During monsoon period this frizzy hair issues are widely seen, if you’re exposed to sunlight it get’s frizzy. When the air is loaded with high level of moisture, which will make the hair to swollen, rougher and frizzy in nature. The hydrophobic property present in neem oil helps to treat this frizzy hair issue. By application of this neem oil, it protects your hair from the environment damages. You can prepare a hair conditioner out of pepper mint oil or tea tree oil, coconut oil and neem oil, combine it well and start applying this oil well on scalp region and entire head completely. Give a good massage by using this oil. After usage you can see how your hair gets shiny in appearance and also protecting hair from environmental damages.


Apart from this if you have eczema, itchy skin problem, psoriasis, acne, cuts and wounds then you can start using neem oil, and you can see how neem is used extensively in products like lotions, soaps, creams, oils and shampoos. Not only these issues if you have pigmentation problem on your skin, which can be well treated by using neem oil. Excess production of melanin is the primary cause for pigmentation on skin. By using neem oil, it helps to lighten the skin. Also on regular usage your skin becomes fairer and evenly toned. Thus this neem oil is real magical herbal oil, which sorts out your hair and skin issues on regular usage, use it and see the difference in your hair and skin texture, so say big bye to your hair and skin problems by using this neem oil.

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