Fabulous Ways to get Durable, Polished and Stunning Nails

Every lady loves their nails. Strong and beautiful nails provide feminine charm to your hands. But, many girls face several issues with their nails. To get rid of such problems, you have to take special care of your nails.

We have listed some useful ways to provide extra protection to your nails. Have a look at these tips:

1.Make rubber gloves your best friend:

If you usually clean dishes at the home, then it is suggested to use rubber gloves. Using rubber gloves is important because dish wash bars contain some harmful chemicals that can damage your nails as well as the skin of your hands. Not just that chemical contain can make your nails weaker and your nails can get ugly spots as well. To protect your nails from this effect, use amazing nails care tips and tricks or rubber gloves when cleaning dishes at your home.

2.Nail hardeners and calcium gels:

If you really want to make your nails stronger and shiny, start using nail hardeners and calcium gels. But yes, you have to wait for some time to get desired results. There are various products available in the market, so consult with an expert before buying anything.

3.Massage with nail cream:

If you are already using a hand cream every night, it is good. But, trust me, it is not sufficient. Your nails are soft, so you have to take special care of your nails. Get special cream for your nails and massage them gently every night. The best thing about a nail cream is that they are not expensive at all and are easily available in the market.

4.Remove cuticles:

Most of the girls cut cuticles, which is not right. Instead of cutting cuticles, apply cuticle removing cream or gel and then push your cuticles with a stick gently. Never ever cut them, always use special gel or cream for the removal.

5.Regular clipping:

Long nails look beautiful, but their regular clipping is very important. Always keep your nails in an appropriate length so that they cannot create any hurdle in your daily routine. If you have extremely long nails, chances are higher of breaking. So, always do the regular clipping.


After clipping, nail filing is the most important thing to do to get healthy and attractive nails. Always file your nails in one direction. Ensure there is no small crack appears in your nails. If this happens, it can make your nails weak and ugly. Also polish your nails once in a month, if you do this too often, your nails will become weaker and thinner.

7.Eat healthy stay healthy:

You don’t just keep your nails stronger with outer efforts. You have to provide sufficient amount of required nutrients to your body as well. Take the proper diet and include food rich in calcium. You eating habits should be right if you really want glowing skin and stronger nails.

8.Choose high-quality nail polish only:

Who hates colorful nails? No one for sure. But, do you know colorful nail polishes have the harmful chemical known as acetone. This is the reason that why you should avoid using nail polishes more than once in a month. To avoid your nails from unwanted damage and breakage, use high-quality nail polish and also do not use expired nail polish.

So, that’s all! These are the ways to take care of your nails. You can try some gharelu upay in hindi to make your nails strong. By following all these tips, you can protect your nails from becoming thinner, weaker, and breakable.

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