The Must-Haves of a First-Aid Box

We all know that first aid boxes are the best survival gear in many disastrous conditions. Even experts always suggest keeping a first aid kit with you all the time, especially when you are going for an outing. A small first aid kit can save your life and therefore it is essential to have one in your bag all the time.

Essential Elements of your first aid kit?

There are several essentials to keep in your kit. We have listed some important elements for your first aid kit below. Just take a look:

  1. Medicines for wounds and stop bleeding: If you are going for an adventurous trip, then cuts are normal. In that case, you should keep some important elements in your kit so that you can use them when you need to close wounds and stop bleeding. For this, you can keep below-mentioned items in your kit:
  • Butterfly Sutures: It is one of the best ways to close all the small wounds. These stripes heal the cuts in the same way as the stitches.
  • Duct tape: Yes, they are important. Duct tapes can save a life when medical facilities are too far and patient needs instant relief. These tapes can heal all the small cuts and wounds instantly.
  1. Infection prevention items: During an emergency, you must have medicine to prevent cuts and wounds from an infection. So, it is very important to have the following items in your kit:
  • Gauze
  • Wound dressings
  • Antibiotics creams and ointments
  • Oral antibiotics
  • Disinfectants and antiseptics

Since there are several antibiotics available in the market, you should consult your doctor before buying any specific antibiotics for your first aid kit.

  1. Pain relief medicines: Sometimes you need these medicines during your excursion. It completely depends on your conditions that which pain relief medicine you should take. So, on a safer note, you can keep the following things in your kit:
  • Tylenol, Ibuprofen or Aspirin
  • Ice bags
  • Lidocaine
  1. Prevention of allergies: Well, even if you don’t have any specific allergy issue, still you should still keep some medicines so that you can deal with the allergy problems. You never know which food or thing can cause allergies. So, it is best to keep following items in your first aid kit:
  • Epinephrine or EpiPen: If you have any life-threatening allergy, then you should keep this in your kit. It can provide you relief until better medical facilities arrive to you.
  • Antihistamine: One of the best medicine for this problem is Benadryl. You can consult with your doctor for the better medication as well.

So, these are some of the most important items for your first aid kit. You should keep them in your kit before going for a trip and always keep in mind some useful health tips in hindi which can be so useful..

Other essentials for your first aid box:

There are some more elements that you can add in your first aid kit. Just take a look:

  • Dental kit
  • Cleaning and grooming tools such as antiseptic wipes, soap, fingernail clippers
  • Scissors
  • Disposable gloves and thermometers
  • Eyewash
  • Vaseline
  • Sunblock
  • Dressings and burn creams
  • Quick clot gauze
  • Medical manual (if possible)

Accidents can happen. These small kits do not only help quick recovery, but save lives as well. So, just pack your bags for a memorable trip, but don’t forget to keep your small first aid kit in your bags.

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