Fresh juices or processed which one to choose?

While summers are around the corner don’t you wish to grab a chilled bottle of lemon juice and quench your thirst? Well, I know the answer has to be yes. And why not? We are having juices that are rich in all possible vitamins and minerals. Some juices will also be enriched with certain other nutrients. Hence these are the ultimate as well as easily available healthy drink which is served in a bottle. Now tell me is there any apprehension which can beat the feeling of the cold orange juice passing through your food pipe in this patchy as well as sweaty summer afternoon? But if I am going to say that you are absolutely wrong and having processed as well as bottled juices are not good for your health are you going to believe? Hence in this artifact, I am going to present few points in the support that fresh juices are much better as well as nutritious than the bottled one.

The nutrient content

Well freshly extracted juices contains most of the nutrients (general vitamins) whereas the bottled one or the processed one will not be containing much of it as most of the nutrients will be lost due to the high processing temperature. Also, the freshly extracted juices contain fructose which is a natural sugar present in most of the fruits and easily digestible. On the other hand, bottled, as well as processed juices, contain only processed sugar, which not only tends to increase your weight but also is the only cause of all the lifestyle disorders.

A side by side comparison

Well, we tend to consume the freshly extracted juices. But regarding processed juices, as it is going to last longer than 3-4 days, these types of juices need to undergo flash pasteurization to kill the presence of any pathogenic microorganisms. Otherwise, these microorganisms may be the optimum cause of spoilage, disease as well as undesired fermentation procedures.

Flash pasteurization aka high heat procedure involves the high temperatures near around 250 F or more. While such exposure to high temperature has the potential to kill any pathogens, it has equal potential to kill nutrients too. As we all know most of the vitamins are heat liable hence the nutrient will be destroyed as well.

Also, too high exposure to heat is potentially going to reduce the level of antioxidants. Hence consuming processed juices will be going to increase the free radicals in our body. Hence due to over-oxidation, the cells are going to age faster. The high sugar level will act as a catalyst to such situation.

While the bottled juices contain much of extra simple sugar, consuming such will going to increase the insulin level much more than the regular cycle needed, hence resulting in diabetes.

Sometimes the bottles may be made of the cheap quality of plastics as well as harmful chemicals which will eventually going to mix with the juice and will be causing health hazards.

To keep the shelf life, the juice needs to be mixed with preservatives like artificial sweeteners as well as some flavor and coloring agents. Hence if you have ever noticed at the label that it is written no additives added, then you know it what’s exactly it meant.

Also GMO, synthetic substances are the other causes to keep yourself away from bottled ones.

Now that you know the truths about the bottle as well as fresh juices it’s up to you which one you are going to choose.

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