Fruits are weight loss friendly food since they are less in calorie and don’t add on extra weights. These fruits give bulkiness in our diet, making our food consumption level lower and thus they are good for those who want to stick on to their lean body mass. Generally, it is advice that 5 serving of fruits is must in everyone’s diet, but do we follow it accordingly? No never. Have regularly fruits in your diet and prevent the gaining of weight. Fruits are delicious in taste and easy to consume, low-calorie food and a good alternative for the sugar carvers. Fructose the natural fruit sugar present in fruit does this replacement for sugar and they give the fruit sweetness. Fruits, when taken, give refreshment. Fruits are generally higher in pectin and dietary fiber, these acts as fat burners and aids naturally in weight loss.

Try to intake more fruits when you want a healthy weight loss.  Fruits are loaded with antioxidants, minerals, and minerals. They nourish our body and helps in weight management. These fruits help in several disease prevalence. Many people follow starvation to lose weight, but it is not a healthy practice. You can simply incorporate apple, strawberries into your breakfast recipe and reduce your cereal portion. Thus calorie is reduced and kept in moderation on incorporating fruits in your diet. Choose several colored fruits, the flavoring present in fruit have the higher antioxidant power and anti-inflammatory power which helps in preventing chronic diseases and now let us see in brief what are the fruits that help in natural weight loss without any side effects.


Guava contains higher fiber level and the glycemic index is very low in guava thereby it helps in preventing constipation from occurring. This guava helps in boosting metabolism and thus helping in weight loss.


Blueberries are power packed foods, they help in preventing the onset of cholesterol, hypertension and diabetes mellitus. The antioxidants present in blueberries helps in increasing the basal metabolic rate and thus prevents obesity. It is really a superfood and an amazing fruit in rendering weight loss mechanism.


These dark red colored strawberries are looking beautiful and have the fat burning effects, this strawberry increases the BMR and aids in weight loss at a faster rate. So include strawberries without fail in your diet and remain healthy. Prevent obesity from occurring on consuming such a wonderful fruit in your diet.


The fiber quantity in pears is higher and thus it increases the bulk and makes you feel filler throughout. Since it is high in dietary fiber so this fruit digestion rate will be slower, and thus increases the metabolic rate and helps in reducing weight. They contain a good quantity of vitamin C.


Oranges are very low in calories and they belong to a citrus fruit having nutrient dense in it. In 100 gram of orange, just 47 calories are there. So orange act as a low-calorie perfect food for weight loss. Oranges are must be included fruit in your menu for weight management.


Lemon also belongs to the citrus fruit which has amazing health properties and it is advised by most health experts for weight loss. The daily morning after wake-up tries to have one glass of warm water with lemon and little honey. You will be shocked after monitoring your weight over a period of time. Yes, lemon does this magic of weight loss and prevents the cancer occurrence. A lemon a day is must if you are opting for healthy weight loss programme.


  • Include it as a snack in your diet.
  • Take fresh fruits and mix them well with low- fat yogurt and add little cereal to it and have a healthy low-calorie breakfast.
  • Cut the fruit into cubes and slices, then has it as such or as a salad.
  • Try to consume whole fruit as such so that the fiber in fruit is utilized to the maximum.
  • In lack of time consume freshly prepared fruit juices and enjoy your refreshing juice naturally without adding sugar to it.


Thus fruits play a huge role in diet and weight management, disease prevalence. It has the healing power to prevent the onset of certain chronic diseases. In New Year time many people take a resolution to reduce their weight, it may be through exercise, medications and pills, surgeries and finally diet. Why opt for costlier methods of losing weight. Better choose to have fruit regularly in your diet, Try to incorporate these fruits at least five times in a day to get the best result of weight loss. This method of weight loss is very simple; fruits are now a day’s available in all traditional grocery stores, which you are going to bring to your doorstep and include on your regular diet. So don’t waste money to get costly fat burners, choose natural fat burners (fruits) and get into shape and maintain your fitness level.

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