Future Prospects of Nutraceuticals.This is really worthy in healthcare field?

What are these nutraceuticals, do they real worthy or not and the answer for this is yes, they are really worthy and provide enormous health benefits in the healthcare field? These nutraceuticals are the nutrition based compounds filled with pharmaceutical properties that help in combating deadly diseases.  Examples of nutraceuticals are beta carotene, isoflavones etc. Japan is referred as “Home of Modern Nutraceuticals”. Japan was the beginner to deal with nutraceutical industry. Now a day’s many countries are coming forward in the product development of nutraceuticals.

The concept is simple, instead of giving carrot in prevention of night blindness, extracting the particular compound called beta-carotene from carrot and then given for night blindness person, the results seems awesome. There is an improved in vision and better quality of nutrient absorption in the body. The product of nutraceuticals comes as capsules, powders, pills, drinks. These nutraceutical products are the life savers we can say, since it helps in combating chronic diseases and thereby to obtain optimum health of the individual.


Nutraceuticals in combating Bioterrorism

Nutraceutical industry was developed in an advance level, thereby in preventing the dreadful disease anthrax. When beta1,3-glucan taken daily as supplementation there shows an increase in immunity power and provides stamina to the body and thus it reduces the chances of mortality from anthrax infection.

Nutraceutical development by American River Nutrition

This American River Nutrition dealt in developing the product of nutraceuticals. The nutrients for the aquaculture like fishes and shrimps are done by them, Because of this invention growth, health and the quality of meat in fish also in shrimp increases.

Photochemical Fingerprinting 

Photochemical fingerprinting is done for the detection of plant constituents; it is used to screen the quality of the herbs. Because of this technology, we can come to know what the ideal time for harvesting the plant is and how long these plants are to be stored to maintain its quality. The technique advancement is that they are used for screening several hundreds of samples of herbs at the same period of time.

Few Nutraceutical compounds and its benefits

  1. Polyphenols used in the treatment of Renal Lithiasis
  2. Acanthospermum hispidum used on treating cancer patients
  3. Cyclic peptides from the flax seeds used to improve overall human health
  4. Nutraceutical supplementation when done on regular basis can cure even genetic and epigenetic diseases.
  5. Fructus schisandrae is effective way in treatment of cough
  6. Preparation of microspheres
  7. Salvia sclarea seed extracts are widely used in cosmetics
  8. Trans- palmitoleate is used widely in treating metabolic diseases

Thus, the future prospects of nutraceuticals will surely bring in a good position in the nutraceuticals field and also it may reach it goals in reaching the consumers in an effective way.

Thus, there will be a revolution created by this nutraceutical area which is really a boom in the healthcare industry not only healthcare but also cosmeceutical is developed and thus cosmetics field is also get benefitted out of these nutraceutical industry, which is a gift for the worldwide living population.

                 “The Future world will be nutraceuticals world”


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